Keeva M

If you’re looking to make the big move halfway across the world but you’re a little hesitant this is definitely the company you need to look into! The whole process is super quick and super efficient and it takes all the stress of the big move off of your shoulders as they find you work, accommodation, help you with setting up a UK bank account and assist with your visa application if you need. My boyfriend and I were placed in a gorgeous country pub months before our departure date so we felt really confident and secure for our big move. Communication is super fast and they always keep you in the loop of the whole process! Nick is fantastic, after 8 months in our first placement we are now looking to him and the UK Pub Co to help us find somewhere new to explore. We can’t wait to see where we’ll end up next. Couldn’t recommend this company enough 😊

UK Pub Co. is a sister company of Letz Live for UK Working Holidays.

Applications are OPEN

Gap Year applications are open for July 2022 & Jan 2023 & UK Camp Assistant March/April 2022. Apply Now