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Praise from previous years

The best parts of my Gap Year In New Zealand include being a part of the Medbury school production, road-tripping NZ, working in the pre-schools, going on school camps and meeting people from all over the world!

Holly C, 2023 Gap Participant

The opportunity to travel and experience the world at such a young age is liberating. I loved my summer that I spent travelling Europe, eventually ending up at the Sziget Music Festival in Budapest Hungary, which was truly life-changing. Working at a school in a different country forces you to learn interpersonal skills that are priceless. That coupled with the excellent community culture that is often associated with English boarding schools, creates a very enjoyable working environment.

Jack M, 2023 Gap Participant

The highlights of my UK Gap Year were travelling around Europe, many new friends I worked with, reconnecting with my family in Croatia and achieving my goal of living in another country!

Eleanor P, 2023 Gap Participant

I can’t tell people enough that I would 100% recommend taking this gap year. Even if i do say myself, I have really experienced what a gap year is all about. Both the working and travelling aspects of a gap year. I have absolutely loved working with the children and being involved in their daily routines; whether it be helping them get ready for school or whether it be coaching them for sport. The travelling aspect of my gap year was my favourite part. If I told my January self what I have done throughout this year I would not have believed myself. I have seen and done so much.

Lome B, 2023 Gap Participant

Thank you so much for getting Timothy off to a great start in NZ. He is on such a high after the orientation saying they all got on really well, are planning trips together and that you were fantastic and really caring. We are just over the moon that he has this opportunity.

Lucy C, Parent 2021 Gap Participant

Thanks so much for all your assistance this year.  It was a really tough year but our kids still seemed to have a ball.  According to Lachie, it was the best year ever.  We really appreciate your communication and advice and would highly recommend your company to others.  We have a daughter just starting Yr 12 and we are trying to convince her to apply for a GAP year too!

Megan and Craig M, Parents 2020 Gap Participant

If you can spare yourself a year to change your life, this is the opportunity.
Regardless of 2020 and its challenges, I was still able to learn and grow by lending a helping hand to my placement school.
From my role as a Letz Live Gap Assistant, traveling the country, to meeting all sorts of people, the experiences have been endless.

Kate E

Maidwell House UK
The year as a whole has been very strange but definitely a positive experience for me as I’ve learnt a lot about myself and grown a lot. I’ve enjoyed working at my UK school – the staff and the pupils were all very welcoming and it was easy to settle in. I decided to stay in the UK (during the pandemic) and managed to save a lot of money during the lockdown and spent most of the summer holidays travelling around Europe, interrailing through Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands. I went on my own, but met loads of new people along the way, saw a whole lot of new places and experienced so much that I wouldn’t have been able to had I gone home in March. Now that I’m some way through my final term, I can’t believe how quickly the year has gone. It’s been absolutely unforgettable and one of the most educational, fun, challenging and bizarre years of my life. Huge thanks to Letz Live for helping make it happen.

Liam G

Annie Turnbull UK Gap Assistant 2020 Letz Live

My gap year in the UK has been challenging yet amazing, I’ve faced so many life changing experiences and learnt things I could have never imagined!

Annie T

Letz Live UK Gap Year Skye Holmwood 2020

I would recommend taking a gap year with Letz Live in a heartbeat. It’s the perfect balance of spending a year gaining independence and exploring the globe whilst having an incredibly supportive network at Letz Live who are always there to help with anything!

Skye H

Thank you Letz Live.jpg

Letz Live have been doing an amazing job in this new and confusing time so a massive thank you to you and your incredible colleagues.

Imogen W, Parent 2020 Gap Participant

Thank you sign Letz Live.jpg

I would just like to say to you all at Letz Live, THANK YOU for all you have done. Thank you in the first place for getting the job for Kirsty she has had an amazing experience, and for your fantastic organization of everything from the start of her contacting you looking for a gappie job.

Ali C, Parent 2020 Gap Participant

Flowers thank you Letz Live.jpg

Thank you for organising Claudia’s travel home in March 2020 from Scotland to Australia. It was a hugely stressful time and your assistance was greatly appreciated.

Maria Y, Parent 2020 Gap Participant

Flowers to say thank you Letz Live

Thank you so much for your incredible efforts and that of the Letz Live team over the last few weeks. Your patience and professionalism was remarkable! It is a great program and should come out of this stronger than ever!

Penny P, Parent 2020 Gap Participant

Skye H UK gap student Europe holidays

Thank you again for all your support throughout this year (2020), I have no doubt that it’s been a very challenging one for you and your team at Letzlive.

Skye H

Awesome Letz Live reviews.jpg

This year I took part in the Letz Live gap programme. I got to see the other side of the world and learn skills in which would help me later in life. I was lucky to be able to coach a rugby side which became a highlight of mine. My time in Australia can only be described as incredible. A once in a life-time experience.

Dylan S

Yolisa J Australia gap year review Letz Live

My favourite part is definitely sitting in class and spending the day with the Year 2s. I have an absolute passion for early childhood teaching and is something I’d love to do in the near future. This is probably the best way to fully experience what I’ll be potentially studying a degree towards.

Yolisa J

Meg Lendrum Australia gap year review Letz Live

Letz Live have provided limitless support and made the process incredibly easy. From beginning to end, Letz Live were there to answer any questions, provide information and just provide a helping hand. I would one hundred percent recommend using Letz Live to organise a gap year to anyone who is thinking about taking one.

Meg L

Nick Lahey UK gap year review Letz Live

 I absolutely loved my UK gap year with Letz Live! From the moment I applied til arriving back home, the Letz Live team were with me every step of the way. All my concerns of a year away from home in a foreign county were diminished through the support and guidance the company provided me.

Nick L

Mitch Leeson UK gap year review Letz Live

Heading overseas on a gap year through Letz Live was one of the best choices I’ve ever made and I couldn’t recommend doing this more. From preparing Visas through to the Orientation in Dubai, Letz Live was always very helpful and made the whole year run very smoothly meaning that we were able to make the most of the experience. 

Mitch L

Molly White UK gap year review Letz Live

Living in England was one of the best decisions I ever made as it gave me the opportunity to grow, explore new countries and meet interesting people.

Anyone who is looking at doing a gap year, working in a school or you just love traveling, I would highly recommend Letz Live.

Molly W

Anna-M Letz Live gap year UK review

“I can highly recommend a Letz Live gap year to anyone considering it. Thanks to Letz Live, I have had the most amazing twelve months living and working in a boarding school in Northern England. I was lucky enough to be placed with a school that placed their full trust in me, meaning my days were filled helping out children in lessons, assisting in coaching sporting teams and matches and helping every morning and evening in the boarding house. This gap year has given me many unique and wonderful experiences, many of which I can safely say would not be possible in Australia.”

Anna M

Holly-B Letz Live gap year review UK

“I was placed in a wonderful boarding school in North London, where I had a multitude of roles. I worked in the boarding house four times a week, helping and working with the children, and also worked in the school four days a week as a teachers aid. I had two days off every week, in which I explored London, other cities in the UK, and sometimes even other cities in Europe. I also had about 15 weeks of holidays in the year to explore the UK and Europe. Taking a gap year with Letz Live was the greatest decision I’ve ever made, and I would encourage anyone to do it! I learnt and experienced so much, and met so many amazing people that will be my friends for life.”

Holly B

Nick-C Letz Live UK gap year review

“Letz Live placed me in a boarding school in a great school in the North of England. Prior to this they made it clear what needed to be done to get myself over there including information and recommendations about flights, visas and insurance. Once over there they kept in contact without ‘nannying’ and were always there if you needed any help. Definitely would recommend a gap year through Letz Live to anyone.”

Nick C

Tian-D Letz Live UK gap year Review

“Taking a gap year through Letz Live will definitely not be a decision to regret, in fact it has given me memories and friendships to last a lifetime. I worked throughout the year in a prep school in the South of England and performed many roles across the sports and music departments. It was a year of independence, teaching and hopefully inspiring hundreds of children who have also influenced me a great deal and allowed me to find myself.”

Tian D

“Letz Live gave me one of the most memorable years of my life to date. They helped me set up everything for my gap year from the get-go (visas, passports, what to expect etc.). Countless experiences were made including Paddywagon (still the most fun and wildest week of my life to date), Topdeck, Snow skiing in the French Alps, La Tomatina and many more adventures. It’s still crazy to think I packed all of this (and more) into a number of months! I highly recommend Letz Live as they will set you up for a year of no regrets!”

Johnny H

Lucy-B UK gap year Letz Live

“Honestly, the first few months of my Gap Year were super tough and emotional. I had never lived away from home before and I was terribly homesick and not really enjoying myself. I almost wanted to go home. HOWEVER – 11 months later, at the end of my gap year, I couldn’t recommend it more highly to anyone. This whole year has been the experience of a life time and I don’t regret it one bit! Thanks to the great support of the Letz Live team and the wonderful people around me at me school, I pushed past the homesickness and have made the absolute most of this once in a life time opportunity.”

Lucy B

Boyd-M gap year review UK Letz Live

“Doing a gap year with Letz Live has undoubtedly been the best experience of my life to date. They placed me in a school that best suited my interests and made my transition into the UK seamless by helping me organise all the paperwork to get there (passport, visa, insurance etc.) as well as telling me what to expect throughout the year. Over the 12 months I travelled to a total of 20 countries and experienced a number of different cultures and customs that have in effect broadened my outlook on the world. I highly recommend doing a gap year with Letz Live as it is truly an opportunity of a lifetime.”

Boyd M

steph-poland UK gap year Letz Live review

“I decided to take a Gap year instead of heading straight to University and it has turned out to be one of the best decisions/years of my life. I was greeted by my school in Northern England with open arms, which helped make my other Gap and I feel immediately at home. I worked at a day school, predominately helping out in the PE and Rowing department and it has been a both challenging yet extremely rewarding experience.”

Steph H

James-H UK gap year review Letz Live

“Undertaking a gap year is an invaluable opportunity to experience things I’d never thought possible and learn new life lessons. Being placed in the UK (Brighton) allowed me to experience many different cultures and an entirely new way of life. The ability to travel so freely and cheaply around Europe and beyond in term breaks is a massive benefit after living in Australia and finding it difficult to travel efficiently and frequently.”

James H

Courtney-D UK gap review Letz Live

“I am extremely grateful for the opportunity Letz Live has enabled me to have. Letz Live was of great assistance before I even arrived in England, organising my placement in a great boarding school, flights and travel insurance. They also helped me to apply for my Visa, which would have been extremely difficult without their help. I cannot recommend Letz Live enough to anyone considering to undertake this adventure. It has been an extremely worthwhile and life changing experience, and is a year I will treasure for the rest of my life.”

Courtney D

Carl P Thailand Gap Year Review Letz Live

“When I first arrived in Phuket, I had no idea what to expect, but from my first day here I have loved it! The school is great and all the staff are really easy going; many are from Australia and the United Kingdom. The students are also really friendly and are always smiling. As are most of the local Thai people for that matter!”

Carl P

Thailand Gap Year program with Letz Live

My year in Thailand was life changing! Immersing myself in a completely new culture was both a unique and rewarding experience that not many people get in their life. The school I was placed in was perfect, we were only a short drive to Bangkok known for it’s cheap shopping, food and flights all over Asia, the school was 10 minutes to the beach and had a full international buffet …….. so I never went hungry and most of all the people were incredible! I was teaching English in the Early Years department which allowed me to develop skills and confidence that I still use in my career today.

Nick W

Thailand Letz Live Gap Year

“Before going on my Gap Year I wasn’t entirely sure how the year would turn out, but sure enough it was the best year of my life. Initially it was hard saying goodbye to all my family and friends, but after having spent a year in such proximity with my new family (the school community) I found it even harder to return to Australia. Being given the chance to embrace a totally new lifestyle with a whole range of responsibilities so far away from home, gave me the chance to become my own person and with that I was able to gain confidence in myself.”

Peta B

Thailand Gap Year Letz Live

“With the tropical location of Thailand, the sunny beach lifestyle plays a huge role in everyday life here (even more so on my days off). If I’m not on the beach you will probably find me at the markets where I have perfected the art of bartering. I also get to eat the greatest Pad Thai in the world! But the real highlight is the role I play within the school. Mum – you might have to drag me on to the plane home!”

Courtney F

Ellen Thailand gap year review of Letz Live

“Letz Live organised everything for me; from reassuring my worried mother that I would survive four months in Asia, to placing me in a school that was not only amazing but suited my interests and abilities.Thailand’s culture is so different to Australia – it was fantastic arriving with someone who had been there before, especially when it came to bartering.”

Ellen F

Letz Live gap year review New Zealand

BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE!! Even better than I could have possibly imagined. I left the UK full of uncertainty and worry. But now looking back I don’t regret a thing, perhaps not having enough time to do all I wanted, from going over the Tongariro crossing to Bungee jumping in Queenstown to traveling around the globe at Christmas. It’s near impossible to pick out an individual highlight, but the thing I will look back on most fondly is the experience of being a gap assistant especially at my school – which was fantastic. The sense of independence yet still having someone watch over you is the perfect way to begin adult life. Meeting so many new people eases the burden of leaving all your friends and family at home, and with technology makes it easier to keep your family updated of what you do. Anyone reading this who is unsure of whether to do a gap year or not, think of it as a leap of faith; if you jump you will not regret it and if you pass up the opportunity you’ll be left regretting it for the rest of your life !


Hello sign for Letz Live reviews

My time here has been amazing, not only have I learnt more things about myself, like how to be more independent but also about how to see from other peoples perspectives better. New Zealand  has been amazing and it is so beautiful, especially in the ways that you would not expect, for example how clear the stars are here or how rapidly the scenery can change over the course of a few miles.

I’ve seen amazing places and this year has definitely changed me for the better which I’ve been very grateful for, and in that aspect I’m sad to be leaving because I know how much here has made me happy but I am also looking forward to seeing my friends and family at home and starting university soon.


Awesome Letz Live reviews.jpg

Just 18 days after finishing school last July I found myself on a plane to New Zealand and about to start the most incredible year of my life. I’m working at a school in Christchurch as a Gap Assistant, helping out in areas such as sport, the Learning Centre and of course in the boarding house.

I’ve had the most incredible opportunities at the school: coaching rugby alongside an ex All Black, being taught how to row by an Olympian and getting to explore some of the best countryside New Zealand has to offer. And all whilst being paid! I’ve also been travelling during the school holidays.

Of course, it’s not all play and requires a lot of hard work at times, but it has been so unbelievably worth it.


New Zealand Gap Year Review

Exactly 353 days ago, I left my family, friends and everything else I knew behind to explore another country with people I had never met. Little did I know that this would be the greatest decision of my life.

Not only has New Zealand shown me some of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, but it has also allowed me to grow as a person in so many different ways. The freedom of a gap year has made me more financially responsible and helped me figure out all the things I want and don’t want out of my university experience in the years to come.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not always easy sailing. There’s ups and downs at work, with your roommate and other gappies you spend loads of time with but all in all the pros by far outweigh the cons.

I wouldn’t change anything at all.


Thank you sign Letz Live.jpg

Taking a year out and travelling to New Zealand has been one of the best decisions that I’ve made. I’ve had the opportunity to live and work in a school where I was instantly welcomed and made to feel part of a community surrounded by people who are iincredibly friendly and hospitable. Sport is one of my passions and the college has provided a platform for me to develop my coaching skills. This opportunity provided me with a school-tour to Canberra (Australia) coaching the schools First XI cricket team. I have made what I hope to be lifelong friendships with people from all over the world – Kiwi’s, South African’s and even Australian’s!

Sam W

Mitch S New Zealand Review Letz Live

“Letz Live has been a real asset for my gap year. As an (initially) inexperienced traveler, it was great to fly with a group of other ‘Gappies’ and the Letz Live team. Our accommodation and transfers were all organised for us in advance, but more importantly, Letz Live provided invaluable advice and a wealth of travelling experience. I’ve benefited the most from this ongoing support throughout the year. It’s great to have Letz Live contact us regularly to help us organise our flights and tours (not to mention the discounts they have provided us with)“.

Mitch S

mt-doom-hugo-mayes New Zealand Review Letz Live

“Without a doubt, my gap year has been the best thing I have ever experienced. I was given the opportunity to become a role model for the hundreds of children at my school. As a young man who loves his sport, I’d have to say the highlight of my working year would be the time I spent helping to coach the under 10’s rugby team to premiership victory. If you’re looking for a life-changing experience, then a gap year with Letz Live is definitely the way to go.”

Josh S

Greta-W New Zealand Review Letz Live

“When one year ago I considered taking a gap year, the prospect of spending one year on the other side of the world away from family and friends seemed scary. And it is – in the beginning at least. But it is 110% worth it. I have always enjoyed traveling and meeting new people. On my Gap Year I have travelled the North and South Island of New Zealand thoroughly, visited Melbourne and Sydney and went to Samoa as well as Hong Kong. Thinking about how much I have experienced, how many amazing and inspiring people I have met whilst traveling and working and how many lessons I’ve learnt it just seems surreal. I would do it again any day.”

Greta W

Lewis-B New Zealand Review Letz Live

“I’ve had no regrets on my gap year and would certainly recommend it for anyone making the decision whether to go ahead with it. I’ve made lifelong friends with many people I’ve met here, from all over the world- some Kiwi, English, Australian and South African. I have also learnt many important life skills – interacting with adults and learning how to conduct myself in a professional workplace. Some may feel also a bit daunted at the fact you are going away for a year- one year is a long time but the school holidays break up the year and it just flies by. I’ve never felt homesick and you just get used to living here! Letz Live have been great in organising this opportunity for me.”

Lewis B

Nicola-T Letz Live Australia Review

“I would most definitely recommend Letz Live to anyone considering doing a Gap Year. They were so helpful throughout the process, which at times was challenging especially with the time difference, but having people who themselves have experienced a gap year means that when you ask questions you know that you are getting truthful answers, something that has proved invaluable. Furthermore their knowledge of things to do and companies to contact when travelling has been fantastic. I cannot fault them and the help and advice they have given me on making this an amazing year.”

Nicola T

Luke-B Letz Live Australia Review

“I would recommend Letz Live to anyone who was interested in doing a similar gap year to me because they managed to find me a place in Australia within a few months of application at short notice. The communication between myself and Letz Live was very good. They kept me up to date with what was happening and were able to answer any questions I had quickly. They were exceptional and a lot better than the previous company I had tried to go through as I was kept in almost limbo for about 7 months with no communication.”

Luke B

Hannah-D Letz Live Australia Review

“I can only describe the last 6 months in Australia as unforgettable, challenging and above all, fun! I have loved every second and have had the opportunity to involve and fully immerse myself in so many new and interesting activities. I never had a reason to worry as Letz Live were totally approachable, informative and professional. The orientation on arrival was amazing! There was no time to feel homesick or jet-lag as we surfed the Gold Coast, explored Surfers Paradise and learnt about our roles as gap assistants. It was great to meet other gappies before moving into our respective schools around Australia.”

Hannah D

Dom Letz Live Australia Review

“After arriving in Australia on the 17th of July, I have settled into life in Aus very quickly. I think it was hugely beneficial to spend a couple of days in Sydney with Letz Live during our orientation that gave us the chance to acclimatise and meet other young people on the program from around the world! Another reason that I settled quickly is the people. The people have been very welcoming and have gone out of their way to help us settle in.”

Dom M

Megan-O Letz Live Australia Review

“This was a brilliant program, I met great people from around the world and it was a great opportunity to work in an overseas school. If I could do the programme again I would!!!! During my time I travelled to various places around Australia and then went on to New Zealand and Fiji. The program gave me the confidence to travel. The team and the school were great.”

Megan O

Joe M Letz Live Australia Review

“I left home for Australia almost a full year ago now, and I’ve never looked back. The year has gone so well for me. I was actually offered a chance to continue my job in Queensland, which I’ve accepted. I’ve had some amazing experiences over the last 12 months. Coming here was one of the biggest and by far the best decisions I’ll ever make in my life. The weather’s great, the people even better, and within half a year I already knew I’d need more time to explore this wonderful corner of the world.”

Joe M

Lucy W Letz Live Australia

When looking to do a gap year you are presented with many different companies all wanting you to choose them. Letz Live helped us with all of the questions we had. All of the staff that I worked with was so helpful. Just before my journey into Australia there was a problem with my insurance policy being accepted by the Immigration department. Not only did Letz Live help my family and I through this ordeal, but they emailed us through the whole process and made sure I was able to fly out on time. Once in Australia the orientation was awesome. I would highly recommend Letz Live to any student who wants an awesome work experience in a different country.”

Lucy W

Uk pub co have really gone above and beyond, I received a job offer not more than a couple of weeks after I started the process. I was placed at a busy, friendly gastropub. I was there for just more than a year and even though in the beginning the work is tiring, making lifelong friends really makes the whole experience worth it. It will genuinely be one of the best years of your life. I managed to travel extensively while there as well as enjoy a healthy social life with fellow Aussies and local staff. I’m currently in the process of finding my 2nd job placement and Nick is so helpful and quick to respond to any of my messages. I’m looking forward to where Uk pub Co will place me next and I have no doubt it will be just as great.

UK Pub Co. is a sister company of Letz Live for UK Working Holidays.

Carys D

I was nervous to move abroad, and knew I wanted to come to the UK with everything sorted (accommodation, bank account, work) before leaving Australia. UKPubCo were amazing in ensuring this was all sorted – with little effort needed from me to be honest. The transition to the UK was made so much easier through the company and I wouldn’t be in the place I am, literally, without them. On a practical level, I dealt with Nick and Mark who were both incredible – no question of mine was too strange and the communication has been fantastic. Obviously, I couldn’t recommend them enough.

UK Pub Co. is a sister company of Letz Live for UK Working Holidays.

Mia D

If you’re looking to make the big move halfway across the world but you’re a little hesitant this is definitely the company you need to look into! The whole process is super quick and super efficient and it takes all the stress of the big move off of your shoulders as they find you work, accommodation, help you with setting up a UK bank account and assist with your visa application if you need. My boyfriend and I were placed in a gorgeous country pub months before our departure date so we felt really confident and secure for our big move. Communication is super fast and they always keep you in the loop of the whole process! Nick is fantastic, after 8 months in our first placement we are now looking to him and the UK Pub Co to help us find somewhere new to explore. We can’t wait to see where we’ll end up next. Couldn’t recommend this company enough 😊

UK Pub Co. is a sister company of Letz Live for UK Working Holidays.

Keeva M

Takes the stress and worry about moving to the UK and looking for pub work. Knowing that everything is all sorted for you, housing and a job, plus all the extra add ons, Visa help, bank account appointment set up, UK sim card. Living in at a pub was so much fun, living and working with the same people, you build a special bond and always have someone to hang out with or chat to. All the staff at the UKpub co were always super friendly and helpful answering all my silly little questions.

UK Pub Co. is a sister company of Letz Live for UK Working Holidays.

Rachael H

My Girlfriend and I were a bit worried about making the big move to the UK. Unsure about accommodation and job prospects and what we would do when we got to the UK. We decided to go with the UK Pub Co to help us with the move and have never regretted it. From the initial phone call the service has been amazing. We had a job and accommodation sorted within a week of applying. Put our minds at ease. After being at our little country pub for 8 months we are again using the Pub Co for another job. Cannot recommend the service enough.

UK Pub Co. is a sister company of Letz Live for UK Working Holidays.

Hamish W

I had an amazing experience through the UK Pub Company being placed in an awesome bar in Central London. The UK Pub Company made my move to London super easy and I feel like I saved a lot of time by being given a job and a place to live before I even arrived in London. Their responses were very quick via email and they made everything simple, quick and easy to complete.

UK Pub Co. is a sister company of Letz Live for UK Working Holidays.

Madeline D

Before travelling to a Gap Year, some applicants have questions about the process, or you might be worried about your Gap Year and some common problems you might face during this period. Fair enough. Because of that, we have two really useful pages and you can check our FAQ and Common Problems participants may have during their Gap Year and Working Holidays.