Gap Assistants

Bringing cultural exchange and diversity to each school and community

With the increasing demand for Gap Assistants in both day and boarding schools around the world, Letz Live was created to provide schools with a guaranteed source of enthusiastic and motivated young people eager to experience the thrills, challenges and rewards that a gap year offers them.

With offices in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, we offer a unique and comprehensive support network for both our partner schools and participants alike. Our team offers a diverse range of personal experiences too ranging from former Letz Live participants through to former Headmasters at Letz Live partner schools.

For almost two decades, our partner schools have trusted Letz Live to engage suitable participants for their schools; Families entrust Letz Live to place their children in a safe, secure and structured environment and their children (our participants) trust Letz Live because we’ve also experienced a gap year abroad at a young age and can relate to their experiences first hand.

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All applicants formally apply to Letz Live via our comprehensive application process. This includes completing a lengthy application form, an individualised face-to-face interview with our experienced team and an exhaustive referee evaluation process. Only then are applicants tendered to partner schools. Schools are encouraged (with our coordination and assistance) to independently interview candidates to ensure their suitability for a position at their school. We stress that the school makes the final decision on who they wish to appoint.


Letz Live works alongside partner schools to ensure – where possible – that all compliance documentation/requirements are finalised before the participants arrive in the country. This includes visas and entry permits in addition to any safeguarding requirements requested by the school. All Letz Live participants are required to have fully comprehensive travel/health insurance for the duration of their placement and provide their host school with a blemish-free criminal background clearance from their home country.

We’re pleased to advise that all participants are fully trained and completed the relevant “Gap Training” offered by both the Boarding Schools’ Association (UK + Europe) and the Australian Boarding School Association (Australian, New Zealand & Thailand). This cost is incurred by Letz Live.

No Cost:

Our programme comes at no-cost to our partner schools.

Meet our Team

We have full time staff across Australia, New Zealand and in the UK.​
Nick Hare

Managing Director & Company Founder

Ken James

General Manager

Lorna Cairns

Country Manager - NZ

Will Dunlop

Country Manager - UK

Maddy Gordon

Participant Experience Coordinator

Sophie Dunn

Programme Coordinator (Working Holidays)

Peter Williams

Travel Manager

Anouska Page

Travel Coordinator

Kate Di Pompo

Content & Engagement Manager

Raul Engel

Sales & Marketing Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you will find the answers to some frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer to your question please get in touch with our friendly team today!

Each school makes the final decision on the candidate. Your school will provide the job description & key attributes of a Gap Assistant. Letz Live will interview & send through recommendations. Your school will interview & advise Letz Live of your decision & an offer of placement is then sent. We recruit, you decide.

We work with you. This is the best way for us to fully understand your requirements. We discuss areas of the school that you would like participants to assist for example, boarding/sports/classroom /junior school/general admin & match these requirements with the skills of the applicant. The final decision is yours.

Letz Live will visit your school throughout the year to meet with line managers and Gap Assistants. We have open lines of communication throughout the placement with full-time staff to assist when necessary.

For New Zealand, Australian and the United Kingdom programs, participants engage in a 2 day orientation program prior to their host school arrival. Gap Assistants will have the opportunity to network with their peers & create a social support team throughout their placement. This is when Assistants will complete their exclusive Boarding School Association Course, which will prepare them for their time ahead at your boarding school. This includes safeguarding your school, job descriptions & workplace landscape.

Letz Live will interview & send through recommendations. Your school will interview recommended applicants, advise Letz Live on your choice/s & an offer of placement is then sent. The applicant has 7 days to accept the offer. Once the applicant accepts, Letz Live assists with visa application, organising a seamless end-to-end travel plan, bank account set-up, official training & other necessary administration tasks prior to their arrival at your school.