Common Problems During Your Gap Year

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If you are on this page it is because you might be worried about your Gap Year and some common  problems you might face during this period. Fair enough. 

You are right. There are a few problems that you could encounter during your journey and that’s why we have listed some of them for you. It’s important to understand that each person is different and you will have your own experience, which also makes your Gap Year so special.

Feeling Homesick: 

It’s pretty common to feel a bit homesick, especially during your first days abroad. Maybe it’s the first time you will be away from home, family or friends but don’t worry, it happens to almost everyone, just in different ways. What we do to help:

  • Gap groups so all participants stay connected with each other 
  • We visit participants on their placements to ensure they are settling in 
  • Providing options for group tours on the holidays to travel with other people

What if I am all by myself during my Gap Year?

Making friends, and more than that, lifelong friends, is something that happens very often! You can check some of the experiences some other participants had here and here. Our orientation program, at the start of your time with Letz Live, ensures you meet people from across the globe.  There will be plenty of like-minded people looking to travel.

Learning about yourself is one of the most gratifying experiences you can take away from your year. You will find out so much about yourself, about what you like or dislike, and you’ll certainly develop a greater degree of independence. 

I will be falling behind my friends in university

Some of your friends may be starting university, but did you know that 20% of Australian students cancel, defer or change courses after the first year?* You may come back home and head to uni to find a lot of your friends are in similar positions, and are not really that far ahead.

Most people don’t know what they want to do after high school, it’s so hard to choose a path to follow and there’s so much pressure. Why not take a step back, get to know yourself, and the world, a bit better and then make a decision?

You might graduate a year later than some of them. Maybe after seeing you doing amazing things during your gap year, they can also start thinking about taking time out too…who knows?  And whilst you may feel you’re a little behind your contemporaries when you return home, given your highly developed softer skills, just watch and smile as you leapfrog them in the workforce!

Boost your resume and get ahead of the game

It should also be remembered that a year out with Letz Live is full of purpose.  How many people do you know that can say they have travelled to different countries, met people from other cultures and worked in an environment completely different from yours back home? If you start counting, it might not be that many. 

What you will learn and experience during your Gap Year will be with you for the rest of your life, and especially at a young age, it counts a lot on your resume.

How about the investment I’m making to travel?

First of all, you are making an investment in yourself. Yes, you and your family are making an investment to make your Gap Year happen and we want to make sure that you get the best of it. But how? 

Going to university is a really expensive decision, right? What if you choose a course that you are not really interested in and lose a semester or two because you want to change your career path? Give yourself time to discover your strengths and to make the right decision first time round

While you are in your Gap Year you are learning things outside your comfort zone, making money and maybe saving for the trip you really want. Travelling is definitely something our gappies know how to do!

Bank account

New country, sometimes a new banking system. Back in the day it used to be a big problem for participants and parents to transfer money overseas but nowadays it can be done pretty quickly and easily. 

To avoid problems with that, we can help you organise a bank account immediately before gappies or just after you land in your destination, making it so much easier. Usually in a couple of days it’s all settled and ready to be used. 

Visas: What are visas? Why do I need one?

To live and work in a new country often requires a visa or work permit.  Visas are basically formal requests to a country to know more about you, where are you coming from and the reasons you are entering the country. The best way to deal with it, is to take your time and apply for your visa (if you need one) in advance to make sure you have enough time to get an answer. We can guide you through applying or recommend trusted partners who can take all the stress out of the application process

Depending on the time of the year, some countries may take longer than others to get back to you.

What if I just want to do nothing during my gap year?

Well, then a Letz Live Gap Year programme unfortunately isn’t for you. We have a work hard, play hard mentality. You will be required to put in the hours to your placement, but the benefits are very rewarding. If you’re not too keen on working, we suggest looking at some other holiday options! 

I fear that I will lose my friends back home when on my Gap Year. How can I prevent that?

That was something that many of us have thought about as well. Today we can make video calls, send photos and videos to our family and friends all the time (thanks to WiFi and unlimited data).

Your true friends will stay close and enjoy your Gap Year with you. Before going ahead, why not invite them to do a gap year too? Or why not see if they would like to join you during the holidays as you travel the world?

Plus, just think of all the new friends you’re going to make! Many of our gappies make friends from all over the world, so you have people to visit no matter where you’re travelling to.

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*Source: Institute for the Future (2017)

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