“I’ve made some amazing lifelong friends here!” – Sheree’s Gap Year in Australia

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New country, new routine and new experiences. What’s not to like about it? If that sounds like something you are looking for, check Sheree’s experiences on her Gap Year in Australia. She decided to fly from South Africa to do her Gap Year in the Land of Kangaroos and that is an experience she won’t forget.

Why did you choose take a Gap Year?

COVID-19 had just happened, and I just needed to get out of my usual routine. I love travelling and this year has definitely helped that passion!

What’s been the best part of your Gap Year so far?

I’m placed with 3 other gappies at my school and we’re able to do all sorts of activities together which is amazing, but our best part has to be when we went skydiving together. Such a thrilling experience that I never would have done if I wasn’t here in Australia!

Tell us about the friends you’ve made

I’ve made some pretty amazing friends here, lifelong friends. It’s kinda cool because you end up becoming so independent and you know you aren’t alone in that process. You literally do life with people who are in the exact same position as you so you can’t help but become family.

Tell us what a standard day of work is like as a Boarding Assistant

On a normal day we greet the kids from school and just spend some time with them bonding and playing sports with them, as well as learning about their different cultures. We take them out for activities as well, which makes their weekend more interesting. We have 3 shifts in a week and then just do a driving shift.

Sometimes we do sleepovers in the house to wake the kids up in the morning and get them ready for school. We also help with study when it’s our day on shift.

Travelling with friends (who become family) from Sheree's Gap Year in Australia

Share some secret spots or travel adventures from your time so far

One thing we have managed to do here is find a waterfall around every corner! Our absolute favourite and most adventurous one has to be Windin Falls in the Table Lands. It’s a 6km walk but it’s SO worth it!

Sheree at the Windin Falls in the Table Lands, during her Gap Year in Australia.

What are some of the biggest differences between Australia and South Africa?

The hot weather is definitely something I had to adjust to, but you get used to it pretty quickly!

What’s surprised you most about living in a new country?

How differently it’s run and well a country can do when it works together.

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