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Letz Live - Gap Years

Letz Live provides overseas gap year opportunities in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and the United Kingdom

All placements are paid positions and participants receive free food and accommodation. Participants are free to travel at leisure during their time-off / holiday periods. 

Our “Gap Assistant” placements are positions within schools, usually boarding schools, whilst our “Activity Assistants” roles are in summer / adventure camp establishments.

Placements are 11 months in duration (occasional 6 month placements are available) on the Gap Assistant programme. 6 months on our Activity Assistant roles (with the ability to extend).

Letz Travel - Travel Agency

Letz Travel was established in 2008 as a travel agency catering to young adults embarking on journeys abroad. Over the years, out transformation has been remarkable. 

At present, we serve as the dedicated travel experts for a variety of ventures, including our international gap year and working holiday programmes, educational institutions and even professional sports teams.

We take great pride in assuring that each expedition you arrange through us is meticulously customised to meet your individual preferences. Our seasoned travel professionals are committed to going above and beyond. They strive to provide you with optimal travel packages and maintain consistent communication throughout every phase of your journey.

UK Pub Co - Working Holidays

Since 1997, the UK Pub Co has offered over 25,000 working holiday placements across the United Kingdom

The UK Pub Co works with hospitality venues across the entire UK to offer full-time, paid placements. All positions are inclusive of accommodation (some placements even offer free accomodation). 

A minimum commitment of 6 months is required. Participants must be eligible for a Youth Mobility Scheme or Ancestry visa or have access to either a British or Irish passport.

NZ Hospo Co - Working Holidays


The NZ Hospo Co. stands as the latest venture by Letz Live, ushering in a new era of accessible and enriching working holiday experiences throughout New Zealand. Committed to the ideals of affordability, inclusivity and support, the NZ Hospo Co. offers individuals the chance to immerse themselves in the vibrant culture of New Zealand while gaining valuable life (and work) experiences. 

With a focus on fostering a sense of community, the program not only provides participants with diverse opportunities but also ensures a supportive network that nurtures personal and professional growth. By combining affordability, inclusiveness and unwavering assistance from our NZ based team, the NZ Hospo Co sets the stage for an unforgettable journey that transcends typical working holidays. 

Aus Hospo Co - Working Holidays


Coming soon, the Aus Hospo Co, will open the door to unparalleled working holiday experiences along the enchanting East Coast of Australia. With unwavering dedication to affordability, inclusivity and support, the Aus Hospo. redefines the way individuals embark on their Australian adventures. 

By offering a diverse arrange of job opportunities, the program ensures not only professional growth but also a profound sense of community. Whether it’s the bustling streets of Sydney, the stunning landscapes of Queensland, or the cultural gems of Melbourne, participants are invited to embrace the beauty of Australia while forging lasting connections. The Aus Hospo Co. emerges as a pioneering force, making transformative working holidays an accessible reality.

Work Abroad USA - USA Working Holidays

Work Abroad USA, a division of Letz Live, is dedicated to facilitating exceptional working holiday experiences across the United States. As we set our sights on the 2024 / 2025 seasons, we are actively seeking a dynamic and proactive visa sponsor to collaborate with. 

Our commitment to providing unparalleled opportunities for individuals to immerse themselves in the American culture while gaining valuable work experience remains resolute.

Through this strategic partnership, we aim to enhance the journey for participants and a seamless working holiday in the USA. By joining forces with a forward-thinking visa sponsor, we are poised to create transformative and memorable experiences that redefine the concept of working holidays in the USA.

How Letz Group supports their clients during their journey

Experienced Staff

Letz Group has built a reputation on providing support for gap participants and families alike, before and during their gap year experience. Our team is a mix of young staff and experienced directors who all have a hands-on approach with each programme. We are on a first-name basis with all participants, making a connection over emails and phone calls.

Making Connections

Each year Letz Group creates a unique Gap group page on Facebook for participants only, to network and support one another. School staff are very supportive and welcome gap participants into their boarding houses. At any time if your child does need support their placement school staff are experienced in recognising and supporting homesickness and any other issues that may arise.

Country Managers

Each participant is aligned with a country manager. From the initial interview, application process and travel planning, your child will have the same country manager. During their year abroad the country manager will travel abroad for a school visit to ensure the placement is running smoothly.


Thank you for all that you have done

Ali C, Parent 2020 Gap Participant


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