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There’s something so nostalgic about the idea of a summer spent at an American camp, AmeriCamp! Perhaps it’s the thought of water skiing across a glistening lake in the afternoon sun, or the thought of sharing ghost stories and smores to the glow of a crackling campfire. It may even be the sound of camp chants echoing throughout a dining hall, or bonding with friends during a wilderness scavenger hunt.

Whether you’ve have had the pleasure of experiencing life as a camper first hand, or have simply grown up watching classic camp movies filled with cliché characters, it’s hard to imagine a more iconic American summer experience. But what if it could become your reality?

At Letz Live, we’ve partnered with AmeriCamp to offer hundreds of camps right across the USA to offer the very best summer Working Holiday experiences for our participants. You can live the life of a Camp Counselor or Support Staff member at one of our extraordinary camps, where no two days will be the same. You’ll create memories and friendships that will last a lifetime, all-thewhile gaining a uniquely invaluable skill set to take into your future endeavors.

Prepare yourself for a once in a lifetime adventure! Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can make your working holiday dream a reality.

Applications for 2018 placements close on April 3, 2018. Due to the high demand and popularity of our Working Holiday program, it is recommended that you register your interest as soon as possible by completing our online application form. 


Each year, our AmeriCamp program commences early to mid June and concludes in mid August, however these dates may vary depending on the location and the position of your placement. 


Typically, our AmeriCamp program is offered as an 8 to 10 week placement, depending on camp location and placement position. For those wanting to continue their USA adventure beyond camp life, why not take this opportunity to travel your way through the rest of the country?


In addition to accommodation and food, participants can expect to receive a minimum of USD$1550 for the duration of their placement. Please note that remuneration will depend greatly on participants’ age and qualifications.


The Letz Live USA Summer Camp Program fee is a total of AU$629 for the full placement. Each of our working holiday programs are subject to a non-refundable application fee of AU$99.00 payable at the time of your online application, which covers all costs associated with the processing of your application and interview. The remaining balance processed in stages once the applicant has been formally accepted on to the program.

Stage One: Application & Interview$99.00
Stage Two: Application Video & Reference$150.00
Stage Three: Placement$330.00
TOTAL Program Cost: $579.00


The USA AmeriCamp Program Fee includes:

  • Your placement as a staff member at a USA Summer Camp
  • Food and accommodation for the duration of your placement
  • In-country orientation course upon arrival into the USA including complimentary airport transfer
  • A dedicated 'Program Manager' who will be your key point of contact in the lead up to and throughout the full duration of your placement with Letz Live
  • Access to discounted travel insurance rates, a mandatory requirement for all placement
  • Local USA mobile phone SIM card
  • USA Lonely Planet Guide
  • Ongoing and unlimited support from our friendly team


Applicants for our USA Working Holiday Program must:

  • Be over the age of 18 at the time of departure
  • Have a valid passport from their home country
  • Have no prior convictions or traffic infringements, with the ability to provide evidence as required
  • Have no serious pre-existing medical conditions
Below, you will find the answers to some commonly asked questions regarding our USA - AmeriCamp program. Can't find the answer to your question? Get in touch with one of our friendly team today!
No two days will be the same! If one thing is certain, it’s that each working day will be filled with fun! In between family-style meals shared in the dining hall, participants can expect a day packed with activities, challenges, surprises and even some downtime. A day in the life of a camp staff member will depend greatly on the camp location and your role.
Letz Live partners with hundreds of camps right across the USA, most of which are located throughout the country’s vast East coast. However, you could find yourself placed in anywhere in the US, so it is recommended that participants submit their application with an open mind and a sense of adventure!
A hard working, ‘can-do’ attitude is the most important attribute that our participants can demonstrate! Although not mandatory, our camp partners are always on the look out for participants who can display a desire for working with children. If in doubt, be sure to refer to our ELIGIBILITY guide above to make sure you’re suitable for placement.
Beyond the essentials (clothing; toiletries; tech), it’s important to prepare for all climates when considering what to take on your USA Working Holiday, as summer Camp locations and climates can vary greatly. You may find yourself living in a forest, by the ocean or even in the city; the opportunities are endless!

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