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Spend a Working Holiday in the UK

Rocking up to the United Kingdom, with no job or accommodation is risky business and quite frankly; full credit to those who do that and score a job that, financially, at least covers their outgoings! It's no secret the UK is expensive - accommodation alone could easily cost you your weekly earnings. Why not arrive in the UK with your employment and accommodation all sorted.... basically start earning the moment you arrive without the stresses? 

With the help of our (now) sister company, The UK Pub Co, we're well placed in offering you an iconic UK working holiday placement. Whether you feel the Scottish Isles calling your name, or would rather replenish the glasses of the Manchester University crowd or perhaps basing yourself around Warwick, Bristol, Cardiff, Cambridge, Oxford or even London, we’ll help to pair you with the perfect place of employment to call home.

Having 750+ employment partners across the United Kingdom we're well placed to offer you (and a friend if you like) a unique working holiday opportunity. In the lead up to your Working Holiday, the team will work closely with you to identify your skills, interests and ideal destination, and then find a venue that ticks all the right boxes. Whether you’re more at home behind the bar, waiting tables, or preparing hearty British food as a cook or qualified chef, there’s a constant demand for motivated and hard-working individuals seeking paid live-in arrangements across the United Kingdom. 

On your days off, you’re free to take in the history and charm of your new neighborhood and beyond. From the beautiful, pebbled beaches of Brighton and the rolling hills of Yorkshire, to the thriving metropolis of London and the Royal Buckingham Palace, you’ll have access to endless iconic activities. What’s more, with the whole of continental Europe just a stone’s throw away, you’re set to have some truly diverse adventures! 

So what are you waiting for? Kick off your journey to the United Kingdom by completing our application form today!


Applications are accepted year-round but don't delay. As one of our most popular programs, we recommend that you register your interest at least three months prior to your intended departure. 

The Perks!

  • Full-time paid employment (£250.00 - £350.00 p/wk)
  • Guaranteed accommodation for duration of employment
  • Low accommodation pricing (approx £5.00 - £7.00 p/day)
  • Single & twin share accommodation available 
  • Most bills & utilities included
  • No rental bonds, deposits or commuting costs
  • Two days off per week
  • Minimum 4 month commitment - stay as long as you like!


Placements are available year-round and are tailored to suit your travel dates and requirements. January and February are typically "quieter" months for placements (we still may place 100+ participants in these months) but April, May & June are traditionally HUGE!



Placement duration is totally dependant on your unique requirements although we do ask for a minimum of four (4) months commitment to a single employer. You can stay as long as you like! The decision is yours!


We only offer full-time employment opportunities and therefore most pariticipants will be working anywhere between 38 - 48 hours per week. Most participants (with minimal experience) receive £250.00 - £350.00 plus tips!

Affordable & Inclusive


Application & Program Fees

All our Working Holiday programs are subject to a non-refundable application fee which is payable at the time you complete your online application. The application fee covers all the costs associated with processing your application and your interview with our experienced (and friendly) team!

Only applicants who are offered a position and subsequently accept the offer to participate in our programe will be charged the remainder of the program fee. We are thrilled by the huge number of "returnee participants" who after their initial placement, perhaps do some travelling around Europe and then wish to re-enter the program. If this is you, there is a once-of fee listed below.

New ApplicantsAUD $95.00AUD $795.00 AUD $890.00
Returnee ParticipantsAUD $0.00AUD $250.00AUD $250.00


The United Kingdom Working Holiday Program fee includes:

  • Full-time employment, confirmed prior to your preferred "commencement" date with accommodation included for the duration of your employment. 
  • A personalised arrival guide including directions and tips to get you to your employer. 
  • A dedicated "Placement Manager" (who has personally experienced a "working holiday" in the UK) who will be your key point of contact in the lead up to, and throughout the full duration of your UK working holiday placement. 
  • Ongoing and unlimited support from our Australian Headquarters. 
  • Local UK mobile telephone SIM card sent to you prior to your departure. 
  • Assistance and support with relevant UK visa and entry clearances (if required).
  • Assistance and support obtaining a UK bank account, National Insurance Number and registering with the National Heath Scheme.
  • Access to discounted travel insurance, flights and tour itineraries with our travel partners.
  • A personalised arrival guide including directions and tips to get you to your employer. 


Applicants for our United Kingdom Working Holiday Program must:

  • Be aged between 18 and 31 years old at the time of their application
  • Be eligible to apply for and receive a UK Work Visa or alternatively, a have a valid UK/EU Passport
  • Have some previous experience in customer service and/or the hospitality industry (Ideal, however not essential)
  • Be fluent in conversational and written English
  • Display an enthusiastic and outgoing personality
  • Have no prior convictions or traffic infringements 

How Do I Apply?

Step One

Click "Apply Now" on our website and complete the online application form. The form is very straight forward - no tricky questions - and should take about 15 minutes to complete. 

When completing the application form we will request your contact details, some information on your current / previoius employment history, ask for a few questions about yourself, your motivations to experience a working holiday overseas and generally why you're a top person! In the form, you will also be asked about your intended travel dates and if you have any preferences with regards to location in the UK.

Finally, we request that you upload a photo of yourself (don't forget to smile).



Step Two

Once you've completed the applicaton form, you will be assigned to one of our friendly "Program Managers" who will reach out to you via email (and SMS) to firstly introduce themselves to you and secondly to secure a mutually convenient time to conduct an interview.

All our interviews are generally completed via Skype or FaceTime and can take between 30 and 45 minutes to complete. Of course, if you're located near one of our offices you are most welcome to come in for a coffee and we can conduct the interview face-to-face. We find that the interview doubles as a fantastic opportunity for you to ask any questions or queries about our program.

We like to think that we're pretty straight-shooters when it comes to your application and therefore we will tell you straight up if we are confident in securing you a placement on the program - and unlike other organisations - before any money has changed hands.

Step Three

Once you've been accepted onto the program (and you're happy to continue with us) we will make your profile viewable to our UK based employment partners; all 750+ of them! 

Our employer partners will have access to your online application and privy to all the information you've provided us. They have fully aware of your placement preferences (location) and if you are travelling as an individual or with a friend. If they like what they see, they will contact you directly with the offer to have a quick interview with you or offer you a placement straight away; it's that easy! 

When an offer is made to you, it is then 100% your call. You decide if you wish to accept or decline the offer. After you've accepted an offer, we will then guide you through all the visa & entry requirments, obtaining a bank account, NIN and UK mobile telephone SIM card. Think of us as your 'Personal Assistant'. 

Below are some of the most common questions


Below, you will find the answers to some commonly asked questions regarding our United Kingdom Working Holiday Program. Can’t find the answer to your question? Get in touch with one of our friendly staff today!
In most cases, you will be living in staff quarters at the same location as your place of employment. Just think, no "daily commute" and imagine the $$ you will save not needing public transport daily!?!?
Most locations offer twin-share rooms (same sex) and double rooms for couples. In saying that, some locations do offer single room accommodation. We're proud to say, that we do not work with any employers who provide dormitory style accommodation on this program.
Most placements offer shared cooking, bathroom and communal facilities to be shared by staff member - basic, but comfortable. Whilst we do have a number of clear standards that we expect from our employment partners, please do take into account that you are sharing the accommodation with other staff members, and that there is a joint responsibility to keep your new home neat and orderly. If you have ever lived in student or shared accommodation before, you will know what to expect!
The opportunities we provide are full-time permanent positions, so you can stay as long as you like. There's no fixed term contracts as such, so you're not locked in for any set period of time, in saying this, most managers do request a minimum commitment period of at least 4-6 months.
While we work hard to ensure that all employers we work with provide a good standard of living and great terms of employment sometimes things just don't work out. If - in the unlikely event - this happens to you, simply reach out to your Placement Manager and they will be able to assist you moving forward.
We're big advocates for all participants purchasing travel insurance, so much so, it's a mandatory requirement for the first four months of your placement. Don't worry, we have some connections in this space and can offer you some decent savings upon request.
Yes, you will need to apply for a NIN (National Insurance Number) which is basically a tax file number. We will provide you with some detailed instructions in obtaining this and of course your employer in the UK can point you in the right direction. This cannot be sorted prior to your arrival in the UK.
Yes, we can certainly line you up with a UK bank account ahead of your arrival. About 6 weeks from your intended departure date we will send you all the relevant information required to obtain a UK bank account - it's pretty straight forward!
All placements are offered directly by your UK employer with most positions being offered 2-6 weeks prior to your arrival. In saying this, we've been working with some locations for so long that they employ their staff months in advance.
In all honesty, 95% + of applicants who are accepted on the program are offered a position before they depart their home country. You should be confident - if accepted in the interview - a position will be forthcoming. And if we don't get you a placement before then, well we will refund you your placement fees and search for an opportunity for you at no cost...... needless to say, we're pretty confident!

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