Why a Gap Year shouldn’t be put on hold

Lilly and NZ Gap Shotover Jet Queenstown

Since March 2020, the start of the pandemic, the way we are used to travelling has changed. As we approach 2022, the benefits and need for young people to take a Gap Year, however,  has not. 

Young people are still finishing school, in a world of uncertainty, unsure of their next steps. They still need that much needed break from study. They still want to gain independence, even more so after almost two years of zoom, online lessons and being stuck at home. 

Many who had planned a Gap Year changed their plans and started uni, only to find it wasn’t what they wanted to do, and the burning desire to travel the world remains strong. We’ve highlighted a few of the many reasons why a Gap Year shouldn’t be put on hold. 

A Gap Year sets you up for life 

While a Gap Year can be taken at any time in life, for many young people, having that year off straight out of school sets you up for the next steps. This might be going to University, starting an apprenticeship or entering the workforce. Once these paths are taken, the ability to have a year off, while not impossible, becomes harder. 

There are so many benefits to taking a Gap Year overseas that can’t be replicated staying in your home country. Independence and confidence are built by being away from home where cultural awareness is developed by travelling and meeting new people. 

Gaps at Hobbiton New Zealand

Putting plans on hold can be just as uncertain

Starting work or University can still have the same levels of uncertainty as taking a Gap Year. You could start a new job and have to spend your first few weeks working from home. Or enrol in University where online classes don’t provide the same experience as learning face-to-face.

Many Letz Live participants remained overseas during the pandemic. Gappies from Australia stayed in the UK (some have been there for over two years), Gappies from the US stayed in Australia and we’ve seen a great increase in participants from Australia travelling to New Zealand. Their ability to adapt to the changing world ensured they made the most of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

Molly, has been on her Gap Year in the UK since January 2021 tells us why a Gap Year shouldn’t be put on hold …

Just do it!! Taking a gap year will be one of the most amazing and rewarding years of your life. You will make many lifelong friends from all over the world and create lifelong memories.”

Molly and Gap friends in UK

The world is opening up for travel

On July 19, the UK celebrated ‘freedom day’ in which all COVID restrictions were lifted. They also introduced a traffic light system for travel corridors. Travelling to a green country ensures quarantine free travel both ways; currently countries such as Croatia, Austria and Norway are on the green list. Travelling to an amber country requires a PCR test, however if you’re fully vaccinated, no quarantine is needed. 

It’s summer holidays in the UK and our current Gap participants are travelling in Greece, Croatia, Italy, France and of course across the UK and Ireland. 

Giann Gondola Ride Venice

Make 2022 your year

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s to make the most of every opportunity. Travel may always be possible, but will you be in a position to take a Gap Year further down the line? 

Remember when we thought the pandemic would last just a few weeks? If you’re reading this we’re 18 months past the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we need to move forwards into the future. 

Gap Year Positions are available for January 2022. If you’re ready to take control of your Gap Year journey, get in touch with us to start planning the next steps. 

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