What to expect on your Gap Year

What to expect on a paid gap year UK Letz Live

A Gap Year is a very exciting prospect. Travelling, earning money, making new friends, gaining independence and making your own choices.

All of the Letz Live staff have either taken a Gap Year themselves after school or lived and work abroad. We understand the nerves and the questions about what can you expect on a Gap Year.

Are you thinking of applying to Letz Live’s UK Gap Year programme? Not sure what working in a boarding school is like or if the programme is right for you? Or what about another destination like Thailand, Australia or New Zealand?

If these questions are buzzing around your head, don’t worry you are not alone in these thoughts! Everyone has questions about taking the leap of going on a Gap Year. Hopefully, some of these topics below can help.

What sort of work will I be doing on a Gap Year with Letz Live? 

Gap Assistants have varied roles that are based on the needs of the schools and also the skills and attributes that you are able to contribute. Some tasks may include:

  • Assisting in the boarding house: this may include helping with homework and the daily care of the boarders along with some matron work of making beds and doing laundry etc. 
  • Helping with classroom activities and providing teaching assistance
  • Supporting with Sport and PE classes and may also include coaching sporting teams
  • Attending school excursions and outdoor activities 
  • Assist with drama, music and dance classes 
  • Undertake some administration work
  • Other roles may include pool life saving or general maintenance work 

Have a read over some past Gappie reflections to learn more about what their days entailed whilst on their Gap Year.  

Will I get homesick? 

Yes, everyone will experience some sort of “homesickness” regardless if you have been away from home before or not. You may miss your dog or cat, your annoying sibling or even just miss things like the beach, farm or your house. 

But thankfully now there are so many ways that you can remain in contact with friends and family back home to help you out when you might be feeling a bit down. Jump on video chat or message some friends, all of this will help. 

Other ways to manage this is to have something to look forward to like a holiday planned (thankfully there are lot’s of those!) and to spend time with your fellow Gappies or staff at the school. Always let others know how you are feeling because they will be able to assist you. 

Also, remember that your Country Manager is always available to help you out. 

Will I earn money on my Gap Year? 

Yes, in addition to the complimentary food and accommodation provided, participants can expect to receive approximately £110 per week as an allowance throughout the school term. This allowance you can put toward your travels during the school holidays. 

We do recommend that you do bring some savings with you so you can make the most of your time overseas.

All past participants say that one of the main things that they learn on their Gap Years is how to budget and to manage your own money (a massive adulting perk!).

What happens at the orientation program? 

Orientation is the perfect opportunity to meet and to network with the 250 other Gaps joining you on the adventure of a lifetime. Share contact details and add each other on social media so you can keep in touch and meet up on days off/holidays etc. 

You will also have a full day training with the UK Boarding Schools Association, equipping and preparing you for working in a leading English school and helping you transit from student to a staff member. 

What happens if I don’t know anyone else going on a Gap Year? 

Don’t worry, the majority of other participants are all in the same situation as you. The majority of our partner schools have at least one other Gap or employ local tutors. We also put you in contact with your fellow Gappies before you leave your home country so you can start getting to know each other before heading to your Gap Year destination. The orientation program also gives you a great chance to meet lots of new people.  Your Gap Year is an amazing opportunity to make lots of new friends! Travelling definitely bonds people together. 

Will I be able to travel on my Gap Year? 

One of the most amazing perks of working and living in a boarding school is the number of school holidays there are throughout the year. There are a number of half terms (in the UK), long weekends, Easter break and the two month Summer holidays to explore.

Whether you want to join an organised tour or plan your own bucket list trip, Letz Travel the sister company of Letz Live can provide some great discounts, tips and tricks to make the most out of your holidays. 

We hope this answered some of your questions and eased some of your concerns about taking a Gap Year in the UK. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team. All of our team have also done a Gap Year so can provide all the information for you. 

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