UK Working Holiday Benefits

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Taking a Working Holiday in the United Kingdom

It is often seen as a rite of passage for young people from Australia and New Zealand to pack all of your belongings into one big bag and jet off to the United Kingdom; to chase that adventure, to have a great time and maybe learn some stuff about the world and yourself at the same time. For decades this constant stream of wanderlust searchers have jumped on that one way ticket to London ready to have the time of their lives. 

How Letz Live can help

Undertaking a working holiday through a company like Letz Live allows for your experience to be as stress-free as possible allowing you to spend more time exploring your new stomping grounds and making new friends- cause let’s be real that’s why you are there! Already having your job and accommodation lined up before you leave your home country can save you a lot of money and time.

Arrive in the UK ready to work

Too many young people arrive in London and spend months in hostels walking around handing out resumes. All the while burning through that hard-earned cash that you could be putting toward nights out in your new city. Organising your working holiday before you leave your home country means that you step off the plane straight into your new home and start your new job within a couple of days of touching down, ready to start earning pounds. 

Choose your location

Whether you are wanting to flat in a London apartment with the hustle and bustle of one of the world’s most exciting cities or if you are wanting to experience the quaint English countryside and villages the team can help you make the most of your time in the UK. 

The best bits of a Working Holiday

There are so many perks of taking a working holiday in the UK, from gaining some independence, exploring a new country, meeting new people and of course travelling. Taking a working holiday allows you to live and immerse yourself in the local culture while then also allowing you to jump on the Eurostar or a cheap RyanAir flight to spend the weekend in France or Spain. Then take a couple of months off work to take the well-trodden path to backpack around Europe or to forge your own off the beaten track. 

UK Working Holiday benefits

You will come back from your working holiday with new insights into the world, hundreds of new friends, so many new memories and a well caught travel bug! You will be filling in your friends and family back home with numerous stories of “this one time when I was in the UK…..”. 

So, what are you waiting for?! Apply today to start your next adventure! 

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