UK Schools go Covid-Safe

UK schools covid safe letz live

Letz Live host schools in the United Kingdom are committed to providing a COVID-safe environment for all staff and students. Each school is committed to safeguarding and being Covid Safe.  Rest assured each Gap Assistant heading to the United Kingdom will be entering a safe working environment.

Letz Live’s close partner, the United Kingdom’s Boarding Schools Association (BSA) and their member schools have adopted the BSA Covid-Safe Charter. The BSA Covid-Safe Charter outlines requirements for all member schools which have chosen to adopt the charter that will comply with all government rules and guidance. This charter allows schools to be Covid Safe.

The Boarding School’s Association is the serving and representing member of boarding schools, training staff and promoting boarding education throughout the United Kingdom. As a close partner with Letz Live the BSA provides training and accreditation to our United Kingdom bound Gap Assistants on our orientation program. This training equips Gap Assistants with the knowledge and skills required to work at our host schools.

Below are just some of the steps that schools are taking to provide a Covid Safe environment as part of this charter:

  • Conducting regular cleaning of all school indoor environments

  • Evaluating and adapting any medical procedures to ensure they comply with the recommendations of public health bodies

  • Providing suitable isolation areas to care for students if they show symptoms or test positive

  • Training staff in safe management of boarding houses under the new guidances and procedures

  • Providing hand sanitiser stations and ensuring there is always soap and paper towels available in all washing areas.

  • Ensure safe occupancy levels in all areas of the school

  • Where possible conduct regular temperature checks

  • Ensuring that each student and staff member have the opportunity to discuss their fears, worries and concerns with a trusted member of staff

  • Providing both domestic and international students with written information and procedures before their arrival at the school

This trusted partnership between Letz Live, the BSA and our host schools provides peace of mind for Gap Assistants and their parents that you will be entering a safe working environment.

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