As industry leaders and a respected partner of prominent schools, we provide overseas Gap Year opportunities for young Australians across the world. Since embarking our own Gap Year, we can personally relate to the experiences had by our participants and provide ongoing support every step of the way with full-time staff located in Australia and the United Kingdom. We believe the support we offer and how we place participants based on their skills and preferences are just some of the reasons why we are leaders in the Gap Year field.

Over the years we have established solid relationships with over 200 prominent schools globally and several hundred placements annually. Let us guide you through the whole process so you can begin the best year of your life.

Letz Live offers you the best opportunity to experience a paid Gap Year abroad

Partners around the globe

Why take a gap year?

Through social media and the internet, we are becoming global citizens who share the same ideas and passion with people around the world. Why stop at online interaction when you can immerse in different cultures and learn directly from them? Take a gap year programme and gain a fresh perspective on life and living.

You learn to be independent

University teaches you to fend for yourself. The workforce teaches you to work your way up. Spending a year in a foreign place, however, pushes you to mature in ways that you can’t in the safety of home.

You make lifelong friends

During your gap year, you’ll meet a lot of people on the same programme and in the country you’re living in. You forge strong friendships with these people and take your memories back with you when you go home.

You figure yourself out

When you’re in a comfortable situation, you conform to what your environment expects from you. A gap year strips you of all familiar external factors and lets you rediscover yourself.

You experience what the world has to offer

Life abroad isn’t always going to be glamorous. Nevertheless, you learn from these experiences and become an improved person because of the lessons you pick up along the way.

What can
Letz Live offer?

Letz Live is passionate about worthwhile travel. To us, there’s no better way to understand the world than by diving into the local culture. Our organisation is partnered with renowned schools in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and the UK that welcome gap assistants with open arms.

We know what it’s like to yearn for an in-depth overseas experience that a tourist vacation can’t provide. So we encourage everyone with big hearts, open minds and positive attitudes to apply for our gap year programmes. We organise an experience that combines work and travel for a better understanding of life on the other side of the world.


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the application
process for you.

What would you like to apply for?

What would you like to apply for?