Throwback Thursday: Grace Selkirk

Ariel view of London
We had a delightful catch up with Grace Selkirk who worked as a gap assistant in the UK 4 years ago. Hear what she has to say!
Q. Where and when did you spend your gap year overseas?

A. I did my gap year in 2014 and worked in a prep-school in Sussex, England.


Q. What is your fondest memory of your time overseas?

A. The amazing environment at the school has been something I’ve always remembered, the teachers were so friendly and amazing and the children loved having us gappies there so it made it very enjoyable!

Q. Where are you now / what are you doing?

A. I am currently in Brisbane, studying in my 3rd year of a Bachelor’s Degree of Nursing and Psychology at The Queensland University of Technology.

Q. How did a gap year (positively or negatively) assist you when you returned home and in later life?

A. It definitely assisted me in my confidence with moving to a new city. Having a Gap Year made me grow as a person, learn to live on my own and learn to adapt to new environments. It most definitely helped me mature quicker as well!

Q. What advice would you give to those considering a gap year?

A. Absolutely go for it you will not regret it one bit!

Q. Would you do it again?

A. 100% I would do it again!!!

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