Sun, Snow and Everything in Between: This Gappie Likes to Travel


We had a chat to Amy Chambers about her gap year travel in Australia. She takes us through what her day to day routine looks like as well as some of her exciting travel. Safe to say she has made the most of her time, adventuring and exploring Australia, New Zealand, Bali and beyond.

“If there is one thing that a Gappie likes to do, it’s travelling. I’ve been fortunate enough to do quite a bit of traveling this year and will always treasure the memories that I’ve made in these new cities, towns and countries.”

Gap participant exploring New Zealand farm
Gap participant looking at coastal view

A day in my life as a gap student in Australia

Good morning…

My day kicks off at 7:05 am sharp when my alarm cheerily insists that it’s time to face the world. That gives me a solid 25 minutes to shake off the sleepiness and get myself presentable before heading to the boarding cafe at 7:30 am for breakfast. Let me tell you, our school really knows how to start the day right. Breakfast often features delicious options like pancakes, croissants, and a classic bacon and egg combo. These are always washed down with a much-needed coffee. I’ve come to realise that if I’ve gained anything this year, it’s an undeniable addiction to caffeine!

With the Grammar Gappies’ official workday beginning at 9 am, I’ve got a good hour to sort things out after breakfast. That’s when I make my bed, tidy up my room, and prepare my tote bag for the day ahead. My mornings are all about lending a hand in the music department at school. After a brief 20-minute recess, I’m off to the Year 7 centre, where I help out in English and Math classes. Just before lunch, I make a quick stop at the Health Centre to cover for the school nurse during her lunch break. Surprisingly, nurse duty is probably my favourite part of the day!


Lunchtime rolls around at 12:20pm, and by then, I’m pretty ravenous. I speed walk to the cafe to grab something delicious to fill my growling stomach.

After a delightful 45-minute lunch break I head over to the Maths Department, where I spend a period assisting the Year 8’s with their fractions, ratios and all things Maths. As the school day winds down and we approach the 3:20pm finish line, I usually find myself with some free time. You’ll often catch me cosied up in bed with a good book and a soothing cup of tea.

Boarding duties start at 5pm, and after a well-deserved afternoon break and a quick outfit change, I make my way to the boarding office. My boarding duties as a Gappie consist of roll calls, facilitating and working with the boarders in prep and making a mid-prep snack for everyone. This is often interrupted by competing in a few rounds of pool with VERY competitive kids (let’s just say that after nearly 9 months of playing pool, I’m still very bad at it!), and finally, handling the lockup duties. 


My shift wraps up at 10:30pm, and by that time, it’s safe to say that I’m exhausted. After a quick call home some days, and a goodnight hug from my housemate and fellow gappie, it’s lights out for me.

Gap participants on wharf in Western Australia
wharf in Western Australia
Gap participant in Western Australia

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie… Gap Year Travel in Australia

The home base for my gap year was a city called Bunbury in Western Australia (WA). Although Bunbury is referred to as a city, it’s really small – so small that a person can drive from one side of Bunbury to the other in just 25 minutes. Little did I know that Bunbury’s placement in WA is perfect!

Western Australia is a stunning place that I would love to explore even more. So far I’ve been able to explore Perth, the biggest city in WA. I’ve also gone down south with a few gappies and explored places like Busselton, Dunsborough, Yallingup, Margaret River, Albany and more! WA is known for its beautiful beaches with clear blue waters, and so much wildlife – manta rays, jellyfish, whales, dolphins, kangaroos and the occasional shark frequent our beaches here.

I’ve also been to Melbourne, where I spent just over 24 hours exploring this beautiful city with a friend. I also got to see a bit of Brisbane and the Gold Coast where Letz Live had their gap programme orientation. I LOVED it, it was so sunny and had bustling beaches. My fellow gappies and I quite enjoyed the nightlife there as well. We have loved the opportunity to explore our backyard for the year, making the most of gap year travel in Australia.

Letz take things international… tell us some of your favourite travel stories

I’ve been lucky to do a bit of international travel this year. In the June/ July holidays, I spent 10 days in Bali, Indonesia. The first 5 days I spent solo in Seminyak and Uluwatu. Then I met up with 2 of my fellow gappies and spent the remaining time with them on Nusa Penida Island and Canggu. Bali is a beautiful country filled with the kindest and most generous people. It has a rich heritage and is a country I will definitely be spending more time exploring!

During the September/ October school holidays, I flew to Auckland, New Zealand. I spent 10 days exploring New Zealand’s North Island with my best friend from South Africa. We took a road trip down to Ohakune and Mount Whakapapa to see the snow – and boy, was there SO much snow to see. Then we drove back up past Auckland and hopped on a ferry to Waiheke Island where we lived out our Mamma Mia dreams. The last few days of our holiday were spent in Auckland where I celebrated my 19th birthday. I loved exploring New Zealand with its incredible landscapes and welcoming people and definitely plan to go back!. 

Exploring the coast on a road trip in New Zealand
Coastal view in Bali
Plane flying over New Zealand

What advice would you give to future Letz Live participants?

My advice to any gappies who plan on doing domestic or international travel during their gap year: start saving now! Putting 10% or 15% of your salary into a holiday fund every fortnight or month is a great way to save up enough money to fund your travels. 

Don’t be afraid to go alone! Sometimes travel plans with a friend don’t always work out. Don’t be scared to hop on a plane and do some solo travel. It can be an amazing time to really get in touch with yourself and help grow your independence.

As Nike says, just do it! If there’s one thing I’ve learned this year, it’s to be spontaneous and take every travel opportunity thrown your way. Don’t have any regrets. 

two participants enjoying New Zealand's snowy mountains
participant walking at sunset
Participants enjoy coastal view in Bali

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