Summer Holidays Spent Horse Riding in Spain 

Horse riding in spain

The UK summer break is a chance for our Gaps to cram in as many trips as possible. Whether this be in the UK, Ireland and of course throughout Europe. We see our participants visit famous museums, sail the turquoise seas, try new foods and meet new people from all around the world. 

A truly unique holiday experience, Alice from New Zealand ventured on a horse riding trip through the Spanish southern coast. Galloping on the beach, meeting locals and visiting places she never expected. She tells us how she came to find this trip and talks us through what the week was like. 

“A big part of my decision to take a Gap Year and work in the UK is the excitement of Europe being so close for our summer holiday. Myself and fellow Gap Assistant both love that our school offers horse riding for the girls. In our off time we’re able to go out on the horses too. This prompted us to research ways we could ride during our two month break. As we had planned to be in Europe we landed on a riding holiday at Los Alamos, in Spain. The week-long stay was one of the best choices we had made short of taking a Gap Year. 

horse riding in spain

Riding Schedule

During this week we got the opportunity to ride through the gorgeous national park. We would also head down for gallops along the beaches of Cape Trafalgar and El Palmar. Travelling during the summer months meant our days consisted of early starts, between 6:40-7:40am. This was so we weren’t out during the midday heat with the horses. We followed this with two or so hours of riding to the beach or our breakfast location. Having the horse tied while eating so close was really a positive experience that made the trekking feel even more unparalleled. 

After breakfast ride for another hour or so then head back home. The views and environment were like nothing ever experienced and made for great photo opportunities. Once back we would go out for lunch, then have the afternoons to ourselves. We’d often sit poolside and work on our tan, which we can’t do in the UK. We could also visit the local towns to indulge in the culture before having some of the nicest home cooked local food. 

riding on spanish beach

Home away from home

The entire week horse riding in Spain was paradise and felt like home away from home. I have never enjoyed every aspect of a holiday more, the food, the locals, the views and environment as well as the activities. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to not only go to Spain but on a riding holiday in Spain. This would have been much more difficult if it weren’t for taking a gap year as being such a short flight away only made it better.

Now that our summer has come to an end like all good things must, we get to focus our attention on the upcoming breaks and our last half-term holiday before returning to New Zealand. I hope to make the most of this by visiting family and friends throughout England. I’m also planning to go to Edinburgh for the half-term to visit the highly recommended city that has been on my bucket list for a while now.”

Alice in Spain Summer Holiday

If Alice’s amazing trip horse riding in Spain has inspired you to take a Gap Year in the UK, get in touch about applying for a position. 

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