Paid Gap Year in the United Kingdom – School Assistant

Live & Work as a School Gap Assistant in a UK School
11 Months


Our paid Gap Year in United Kingdom programme is designed for young people who want to immerse themselves into British culture. The programme is available to those who are graduating high school, current university students or recent graduates. On a Gap Year in United Kingdom, you will live and work as a gap year / school teaching assistant in a prominent UK school. With hundreds of positions available across the country, we’ll find the perfect match for your skills and interests.

How Letz Live prepares you for your Gap Year

The United Kingdom is one of our most popular gap year destinations. There are iconic cities to explore and stunning countryside to discover; and let’s not forget the neighbouring countries in Europe! The United Kingdom can be a long way from home for most of our participants, that’s why our programme offers you ongoing support plus full-time employment with renowned schools across the United Kingdom secured before you leave home! After you submit your application, allow us to take care of the rest. Simply pack your bags and bring a bright, curious attitude and you’re ready for your adventure.

Paid Gap Year in United Kingdom

What makes the perfect Gap Assistant? We’re looking for candidates with integrity, maturity, initiative, enthusiasm, flexibility, commitment and kindness. Take a sense of adventure with you too! Your tasks are varied and can cover day and/or evening hours. You will discuss these tasks with your school on placement offer.

So what's included in a Gap Year placement?

Placement at a leading UK School

Your placement as an assistant at a leading UK school is carefully selected by the Letz Live team. Rest assured there will be a great placement ready for you, with well-equipped accommodation for your year ahead and one that can be best suited to your attributes and skills. A more detailed and specific placement description will be sent to you from your school, however, the following are areas of responsibility in which you are likely to be involved:

  • Sports coaching (helping to run a team)
  • Games supervision (general)
  • “Activities” supervision (day and evening)
  • Outdoor Education activities (camps etc.)
  • Swimming pool supervision (a life-saving qualification is often required)
  • Assistance with classroom, meal, transport and general supervision
  • Individual tutoring Boarding House supervision (including some Matron work, where appropriate)
  • Attending school functions (and assisting as necessary)
  • Assisting the grounds staff (boys only)
  • Filing, photocopying, and general office tasks
  • Computer-literacy tasks (inside and outside the classroom)
  • Involvement in music and drama
Trusted & Reliable Work

We visit our host schools annually, to ensure their continued suitability to host our participants. This means we know everything about your school and are on a first-name basis with the teachers you will be working with.

Dedicated ‘Country Manager'

All Letz Live Country Managers have personally experienced their own gap year working in a school or relocated abroad at a young age. Your country manager will be your key point of contact in the lead up to and throughout the full duration of your placement in the UK.

Face-to-face visits from Letz Live

Your country manager will visit you on your placement. Yes, from Australia, we fly over to visit you. We believe it helps to see a friendly face, have a chat about your placement and general gap year progress.

‘Welcome to the UK’ 3-day orientation

Best known as the place for gappie networking, our 3-day orientation is an exciting time. Your Letz Live team organises airport transfers, 2 nights accommodation, daily breakfast and welcome dinner so you can get to know your fellow Letz Live participants. You’ll complete the UK Boarding School Association “Gap Assistant” training course during orientation.

Training Course + Certificate

Letz Live’s programme provides unique training of the UK Boarding Schools Association certificate course as part of the 3-day orientation prior to arriving at your school. The training provides all participants with comprehensive knowledge of boarding school life and ensures they are well prepared for core responsibilities and duties. Add this to your resume under skills and/or certificates.

Mobile Phone SIM Card

You can phone home quick as a flash! We’ll keep you connected with a local UK mobile phone SIM card.

Discounted Travel Insurance & Tours

Our inhouse travel team stays in touch throughout your placement to assist with flights, insurance and holiday tour ideas so you can plan all your adventures with your fellow gappies and for when family and friends visit.

Bank Account Assistance

We’ll assist you with international money transfers and pointers on establishing a UK bank account. We offer guidance with police certificates and relevant compliance documentation required to work with children in the UK.

Ongoing and Unlimited Support

We are only ever an email or phone call away. We are proud to support our gap assistants. We boast an Australian Headquarters, a team based in New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. There is always a team ready to support our Gap community.

Dedicated Social Groups

Gain exclusive access to your Gap Year’s group page. The group aims to connect all gap assistants for each programme. It’s a great way to get to know who will be placed at your school or nearby and share plans throughout the year.

A Network of Gappies

Share, laugh, live and connect with past gappies via our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Life Experience

By living in another country, you are forcing yourself to take charge and gain independence. While we’ll be on hand to offer guidance, the thrill of blazing your own trail and making a life for yourself in a foreign setting is enormous, and the personal growth that you’ll experience is immeasurable.

Let us simplify the application process for you.

Applications for January 2025 placements have closed. We're happy to accept and process late applications, however preference in the first instance may be given to those who applied before April 2, 2024. Applications for 2026 open October 1, 2025.

Application close time!
Uk travel


Placements commence in early January and September



11 months available



From (approximately) £110 per week + accommodation + food.

Application and Programme Fees

All of our gap year programmes are subject to a non-refundable application fee which is payable at the time of your online application. The application fee includes all costs associated with the processing of your application and interview.

Only applicants who are offered and subsequently accept a placement will be charged the remainder of the programme fee.

OriginApplication FeeProgramme Fee
AfricaAUD $125.00ZAR = R24,955.00
Europe & United KingdomAUD $125.00GBP = £1,350.00
Everywhere ElseAUD $125.00AUD = $2,690.00
Returnee ParticipantAUD $125.00AUD = $1,500.00


Applicants for our United Kingdom Gap Year Program must:

  • Be at least 17 years of age (at time of departure) and hold a British or Irish passport or have parents or grandparents who were born in the UK
  • OR also be at least 18 years of age (at time of departure) and hold a valid Australian, Canadian or New Zealand passport
  • Have no serious pre-existing medical conditions
  • Have no prior convictions, with the ability to provide evidence as required
  • Have completed (at a minimum) secondary schooling prior to arrival into the United Kingdom
  • Be willing to undergo a medical examination as part of the visa application (if required by United Kingdom Immigration authorities)

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answers to some commonly asked questions regarding our United Kingdom Gap Year Programme. Can’t find the answer to your question? Get in touch with one of our friendly team today and request an information pack!

What support is available to you whilst I'm in the UK?

Throughout your placement, your designated UK based Country Manager is available directly via telephone or email whenever you require; they’ll even come and visit you during your placement!

Will you be the only participant at a placement?

The answer is…… perhaps. It really does come down to the individual school and their unique set of requirements. In saying this, we only have a handful of placements that only appoint one participant, so the chances are you’re likely to be placed at a school with a fellow Letz Live participant. What makes this even better is that you will have communication from them the moment placements are confirmed and have the opportunity to meet during pre-departure functions and our orientation programme!

What are your chances of success?

Based on number of applicants received in previous years, the chances are high! Whilst we cannot guarantee that all applicants will receive a placement (as the schools make the final decision), we do make a conscious effort to identify opportunities across our entire network of placement partners to ensure there is a suitable placement for all our outstanding candidates!

Can you be placed at the same location as a friend?

We certainly take down your preferences for a number of things including your preferred location, age groups, if you’ve got a particular interest in a school or if you would like to travel with a friend. In saying this, whilst we take them as “preferences” we cannot guarantee this and therefore some flexibility on your behalf is required. Our job is to match YOU to the best possible placement based on YOUR strengths and interests. The wonderful thing about the UK is that there is PLENTY of travel opportunities for you to catch up with both old and new friends during your year in the UK.

Can you help me with flights, insurance and my visa?

Absolutely! We have access to some great airfare rates and will provide assistance with your comprehensive travel insurance policies (travel insurance is mandatory). We also work with immigration experts who, for a small fee, can lodge and manage your visa application on your behalf.

What if you are not 18 at time of travel?

Owing to a recent change in interpretation of certain UKVI (border agency) regulations, a UK Gap Year experience isn’t possible for those under 18 on the date of travel, unless you hold a UK ancestry (blood grandparent or parent, born in the UK) or have a British / Irish passport in your own name. But, all is certainly not lost for the younger applicants, as we have procured a good number of gap placements in Thailand (for both 6 or 11 months) and New Zealand and these are open to all ages from 17 years.

If you are turning 18 later in the year you may be eligible for our Camp Assistant programme (starting March/April) or for the UK September intake.

Are there alternative options if you don't meet the eligibility requirements?

Unfortunately, due to the complicated nature of visa and entry clearance requirements imposed by the UK government, we are unable to offer alternative program options in the UK at this time. We do, however, offer several Gap Year programme options for participants to enjoy across the world. Some of our other fantastic destinations include Australia, New Zealand and Thailand!

What is the cost of a UK Working Holiday visa?

To live and work in the UK you will need either a British/Irish passport or you will need to apply for a working holiday visa. Please see below for the costs for the two different visa types, Youth Mobility Scheme Visa and British Ancestry Visa.

Tier 5 Youth Mobility visa

To be eligible for this visa you must be between 18-35 years at the time of travel, and be a citizen of one of the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Monaco
  • New Zealand
  • San Marino

The Tier 5 Youth Mobility visa will cost £298.

The British High Commission requires you to have the equivalent of £2530 or more in available savings. You will need a bank statement or a letter from your bank as documentary evidence. These funds are required in your own account for 28-days prior to your visa lodgement.

At some VFS Global offices, there may be additional service charges to cover the courier costs of sending your application away for processing.

International Health Surcharge Fee is – £1,552.

Ancestry Visa

To be eligible for this visa you must be 17 years or older, a Commonwealth citizen and have a grandparent was who born in the UK.

The Ancestry Visa will cost you £637.

The British High Commission requires you to have the equivalent of £2500 or more in available savings. You will need a bank statement or a letter from your bank as documentary evidence.

International Health Surcharge Fee is – £5175

For full information visit GOV.UK

If you’re a British or an Irish passport holder you do not require a visa to work in the UK.

What happens during the school holidays / term break?

During the school holiday periods, you’ll be able to explore and travel around the United Kingdom at your own leisure. Why not make the most of our amazing ‘gap-only’ tours, explore the island nation with family and friends, or even take a quick trip to visit Rome, Paris or even Berlin? The world is your oyster!

Depending on your placement, it is to your schools’ discretion whether or not your accommodation will be available during the holidays, so be sure you ask your employer. Please note that food is only inclusive during working terms and will not be provided during school holiday periods.

What does the programme fee include?

The fee includes:

  • Your placement as an assistant at a leading UK school, carefully selected by our team (we visit our host placements annually to ensure their continued suitability to host our participants)
  • A position within a school that will pay you an allowance
  • Accommodation (and depending on the school, food too) for the duration of your placement (throughout term time)
  • Our famous ‘Orientation’ program which is held prior to the commencement of your placement
  • Orientation includes, 2 nights accommodation, meals, training course + you meet countless other participants!
  • A dedicated ‘Country Manager’ who will be your key point of contact in the lead up to and throughout the full duration of your placement with us
  • Local UK mobile phone SIM card
  • Access to a variety of discounted tours throughout the UK and Europe to enjoy during your time abroad
  • Gappy support group to meet others on the programme prior to departure

How the gap process works

Apply online

Send us your Gap Year application for your chosen destination & programme. It’s as simple as that!


Face-to-face online interview.
We discuss your preferences, the placement & the programme.

Offer accepted

We put forward your application with partner schools. It’s up to you to accept the offer, then pay the programme fee.

Take off

Our in-house travel team can assist with flights, advice, insurance & visas for a smooth start to your Gap Year.


Vital ingredient!
Our Global HQ is available + our travel team for travel ideas + your country manager.

The best of the United Kingdom

The country is a melting pot of all things modern, traditional and ancient — from the wonder of The Beatles’ Liverpool landmarks to the opulence of the Buckingham Palace to the antiquity of the Stonehenge. Even a regular weekend seems like a holiday when you visit the Lake District or look for the best pint of ale in the West Country. The rest of Europe is only a train ride away. Living in the UK lets you experience all of this.

Why just see the country when you can live it? Spend your gap year on a UK Letz Live programme.

Let us simplify the application process for you.

Explore the UK on your gap year

Nick Hare, the founder of Letz Live, returned to Australia late in 2004 after a gap year in the UK. He made lifelong friends and learned immeasurable life lessons during his time away from home. He wants other young people to have a similar experience, with Letz Live making gap year preparation easier for you.

On a gap year programme, you get to spend an entire year living and working like a local. This gives you a better understanding of UK culture than any tourist vacation can. Also, spending time on the other side of the world can help you have a better grasp of how things are at home and what you really want to do with your life. Let our team take you on a journey of a lifetime. Fill out an application form to become a Gap Assistant in the United Kingdom today.

Absolutely loved my UK Gap Year with Letz Live!
Nick L
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