Participant Reflection: Yolisa Jali


This month we’re catching up with Yolisa from Port Elizabeth in South Africa about her time living and working at one of Australia’s only prep-boarding schools in New South Wales.

Q. Yolisa, give us a little insight into the daily life of a gap assistant at your school. 

A. Well let me start of by saying that there is never a dull moment in the life of a gappie! I along with the other boarding staff members start off with an early morning routine. This includes waking up the boarders and getting them ready for the day.

During the day, the gappies help around the school. We assist the adminstration staff and also assist in various academic and specialist classes. We’re also given opportunities to help coach sport.

I’ve been placed in one of the most amazing schools, with a great appreciation of the outdoors. After school activities with the boarders include canoeing, cycling, fishing and so much more. We often go on day school excursions and off-site boarder activities such as bowling, visiting Luna Park, Jamberoo Action Park and multiple historic sites.

We honestly have an absolute blast while looking after the kids. In the evening, our duty is to basically supervise the boarders during their free time, this is a time where they are free to play board games, watch tv and take showers. We then get the kids ready for bed. 


Q. Sounds like a full on, yet rewarding day. What’s your favourite part of the role?

A. My favourite part is definitely sitting in class and spending the day with the Year 2’s. I have an absolute passion for early childhood teaching and is something I’d love to do in the near future. This is probably the best way to fully experience what I’ll be potentially studying a degree towards. The day school teachers always find ways to include me in the classroom.

Q. Finally Yolisa, when you return home to Port Elizabeth (South Africa) in the coming weeks, what are your plans career wise?

After this gap year, I’m quite certain that I want to go into the teaching profession.

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