Ireland countryside visited on holidays whilst on a Gap Year in the UK

Dear Future Gappies!

I’m going to hit you with the big statement straight off the bat – next year will be the best year of your life!! The amount of memories and experiences you’ll pack into 12 months is incredible (get ready for an Instagram overload). Whether you do skydiving in the Austrian Alps, commandeer camels through the Moroccan desert or sail the beautiful waters of Greece, promise that you’ll push yourself out of your comfort zone.

As the old saying goes… If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. Many of you may have your doubts and second guesses right now – that’s okay! Most people, including me, felt the same. But as soon as the plane touched down in London I never looked back.

SURE there’ll be times when you only have a measly £5 to rub together, but that’s all part of the experience and you’ll get through it. Although travelling is a major reason you’re going on a gap year, make the most out of working for your school as well. Work hard, be reliable and just get the job done, no matter how hard it is. Schools will notice and look after you in return – my school sent us on a trip to Wales and various parts of England, all expenses paid. Most of all: Have fun, make friends and savour every moment, it’ll be over before you know it. So raise a glass to Letz Live and your parents for giving you this amazing opportunity and go have a blast.


Sheldon’s Top Tip: Go on the Paddywagon tour in February – an insane week of travelling around Ireland where you’ll make close friendships for the rest of the year. My highlight of the year.

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