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My name is Harry Scott, as some of you may remember I graduated from Scotch Oakburn College in Tasmania.

Following the conclusion of my schooling years I lived abroad for the entirety of 2017 in a small town in England called Sevenoaks, which is twenty minutes train ride from central London. I was placed in an all-boys primary school, where I assisted with PE in addition to duties within the boarding house. All thanks for Letz Live!

Prior to my Gap Year I was unsure of what I was going to do once I finished school. I had no real idea as to what it was I wanted to  study at university, so after looking further into Gap Year placements, and with the help of Letz Live, I realised that perhaps a Gap Year abroad would be the best thing for me.

I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions of my life. Not only was I able to explore what England and Europe had to offer throughout my weekends and frequent school holidays, but I was also able to develop a brilliant network of friends who I still keep in touch with – one of which is visiting Australia from South Africa later this year.

The prospect of becoming more independent and moving away from my family for a year was originally very daunting, but once being placed in such an inviting and comforting environment I was soon at home. This step towards gaining a greater sense of independence and responsibility was also extremely beneficial, as I believe it built on my character, and better prepared me for other steps in life such as moving out of home and making my way over to the mainland (from Tasmania) for University.

As mentioned earlier, I was very unsure about my career path prior to my gap year. However, teaching was always in the back of my mind. After absolutely loving the work at the school I was placed in in England, I am now studying primary education at Deakin University in Geelong and loving it. Regardless if you are considering teaching as a profession, there are so many other facets of the gap year that can help you discover what it is that you really wish to do with your life on a Letz Live gap year program.

If you are considering pursuing a gap year abroad I would highly recommend going through Letz Live. The Letz Live team consistently have their applicants’ best interest in mind and have done the program themselves. When applying for my Gap year I had so many queries and doubts which were quickly and clearly addressed by the Letz Live team.


I hope this has given some insight into what a great opportunity this truly is. Not many 18 year old’s can say they lived overseas for a year, working, and travelling. I cannot express just how much I enjoyed myself, it is certainly something that is not to be missed out on. Do it while you can.

Harry spent 12 months on our UK Gap Year program. He was placed in a all-boys boarding school a short distance from London.

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