Ella from Brisbane (Australia) writes in reflecting on her gap year. 

Coming from year twelve with a love for travel already, my gap year in Kent was one of the most rewarding and eye opening experiences. Now, almost a year later, I’m still printing photos of memories from my Europe and UK travels. I wasn’t expecting to be so involved in, welcomed and supported by the school and the staff, especially by my wonderful roommate.

They gave me so many opportunities to learn new skills – from coaching netball teams to choreographing school dance performances, teaching kids biology to filing school reports, and playing in the school band to being the fly-eating plant in the drama production. Most importantly, this gap year has given me the most incredible friends from around the world that I keep in touch with and plan to visit in the next few months. Here’s a little summary of my gap year in numbers:

343 days away. 18 countries visited. 289 hours on Skype. 3 music festivals. 24 snow days. 15 packets of shipped Tim Tams. 5,312 photos. 2200 liters of tea drunk. 0 British accent obtained. And too many fun memories to count.

Can I do it again!?

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