Anna from Australia gives us the low-down on working in a UK boarding school during her gap year in Cambridge with Letz Live 

Hi! My name is Anna. I graduated from high school in 2016 after studying hard and being involved in every facet of school life. I felt like I needed a year off after the intensity of Year 12 and before beginning university, but wanted to ensure it was structured and constructive. In comes Letz Live! In 2017, I embarked on a Gap Year facilitated by their team.

The Experience

I was extremely fortunate to be placed at school in the heart of historic Cambridge. At school I had a diverse and stimulating array of daily duties and formed closebonds with both students and staff. I really felt part of a school family, so much so that I went back to visit this year and was welcomed with open arms – I felt like I’d never left! In my time away from school I got to live out my travelling dreams, exploring the Swiss Alps and Norwegian Fjords amongst so many other beautiful places. Along the way I met plenty of fascinating and friendly people who I remain in touch with.

As a result of all this, I gained valuable personal skills. Living out of home, working full time, and having to deal with cancelled flights amongst other challenges taught me how to be independent, resilient, and resourceful.


The team at Letz Live ensured the process was smooth so I could focus on the experience. Their wealth of experience in organising Gap Years can definitely be relied upon. From the application through to the in-school visits during the year, Letz Live was on hand to offer support and guidance.

I cannot recommend the Gap Year experience or the process with Letz Live highly enough!

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