Making the Decision to take a Gap Year

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Have you thought about what you are going to do when you finish school?

Wow that’s a loaded question. The majority of us inwardly groan and the anxiety hits, you reply with some non-committal answer or something that will make you sound good. The reality is that a lot of young people have no clue what they are going to do when they finish school and that is completely okay! If you are feelig stressed about the future and what path you want to take next, you are not alone.

Your last two years of school are a rollercoaster of emotions and you may have no idea what you are feeling or doing the majority of the time!  

That is where a paid Gap Year with Letz Live can become the best decision you might ever make. 

Paid Gap Year Program 

Here are a few reasons why taking a paid Gap Year with Letz Live can be the best decision you will ever make:

  • Working and living abroad can be the perfect remedy for trying to figure out more about yourself, what you are passionate about and what steps you might want to take next. A year abroad gives you the chance to meet a number of different people from a range of different backgrounds, to forge your own path and take control of your life. 
  • You can make this year unique to you! There are not many other opportunities that allow you to work and travel overseas so young, so make this year one for you- take those chances to visit those bucket list spots, coach your favourite sport, learn new skills etc.. This is the perfect opportunity to become more independent and learn to make big decisions on your own. 
  • Your generation has done more hours of homework than other generations before you. Therefore, taking a well deserved break before continuing any higher education is a great reason to take a Gap Year. Many of our past participants have stated that they are more motivated to go back into studying after taking a year away from the books. 
  • Great work experience: working in a boarding school will provide you with life long work skills that you can take into a number of different professions. This job will teach you compassion, patience, how to multitask, resilience and much much more. These transferable skills will help you pursue your job of choice once you return to your home country. 
  • Learn great life skills: learn how to plan and execute your own holiday; learn how to budget and make smart financial decisions; learn to cook and do your own laundry; learn how to stand up for your own beliefs, values and more. This year is an opportunity to upskill yourself in life. Not only this but it will give you the chance to learn about different cultures, ways of life and to expand your worldview. 
  • Travel: work hard and play hard. You may work hard during the term time but the true reward comes when you can explore and travel. There will be plenty of opportunities to tick off some major bucket list moments! 
  • Meet new people: a year abroad is an awesome opportunity to meet people that have similar interests to yourself, to get involved in some great conversations, have fun times and to forge friendships for life. 
  • Read our other blog posts from past participants to see what they gained from their Gap Year. Start here

Taking a Gap Year with Letz Live can be seen as an investment for your future with endless amounts of learning, and insane amounts of fun, laughs and memories can be made on this journey. Enquire today.

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