Looking forward: Bridget’s travel plans

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Germany, Croatia and the Greek Islands. Sounds like the perfect plan after weeks in iso. As restrictions ease in the UK, our gappies are looking forward to their summer holidays.

Thank you to Bridget Drewett for sharing your update on life as a Gap Assistant in Oxford, UK:

Being a Gappie in 2020 has definitely been a roller coaster. It has had its high ups and its low downs, with many a breakdowns along the way … but despite this, I don’t regret going on a gap year. Its been one of the most rewarding years of my life. I have learnt so much and I feel like I’ve truly become independent. I have also made a family out of my other Gappies, as we have had to rely and support each other during this uncertain time. I am excited to say that this summer I will be travelling with my other Gappies that I work with. We have made a big travel plan, but it is very flexible and changeable, depending on whether countries decide to reopen or close down. I plan on travelling the UK for the first two weeks of the holiday, then going on an all girls gappie holiday to Germany and Poland for about 10 days. I then go to Croatia with one or two of my other Gappies to do some sailing for five days. Next stop is the Greek island of Crete where all of us Gappies will stay together for the week. We then split off into groups and a three of us will be traveling Italy’s Amalfi Coast and Naples for nine days. We all then meet up in a remote Spanish Villa which we will be staying of the week (Courtesy of my God parents). After this we will either be going back home to Oxford to quarantine for fourteen days, but if we don't need to quarantine, I plan on travelling up Spain to the south of France where I have a lot of family. Then its back to work! With things hopefully back to some sort of normal.

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