How to plan a Gap Year for 2021

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Recently our friends at Year 13 wrote an article sharing the exciting news that our Letz Live Gap Year program for 2021 to New Zealand is available. They had a few ideas on how you can plan your Gap Year for 2021.

“My friends! I have excellent news!

Get ready to celebrate, laugh, do a little jig, and hug your parents as you hold back tears of joy. Warm up the muscles in your face that help you smile. Make some room in your memory for good times with amazing people (I suggest replacing any stressful, exam-based memories).

Are ya ready?


And I’m not talking about catching a ferry across Sydney Harbour and calling it “over-seas”. I’m telling ya that come 2021, you could be heading across real-life oceans in order to spend an epic year abroad in New Zealand.


Well, as ya may have heard, Australia has been working with other countries to try to create a travel bubble that allows legends just like yourself to roam freely within it. This bubble will be completely safe and as such, travel should soon be on the cards.

Let’s pause for a moment, while all of your fears about “not spending 2021 having the time of your life” leave the room.

Theeeere we go. Okay, now that they’re gone, let’s continue.


If you’re itching to get out of Australia and into some good times, then your best option is to check out Letz Live. They’re the defender of the gap year, and they’re bringing them back in style. They’ll help set you up with, like, everything you need to have an incredible year overseas.

What do ya need? Well, how about accommodation and a nice welcome dinner for a start? Visas tend to come in pretty handy, too. And a job? Oh yeah, and let’s not forget about bank accounts and sim cards.

The truth is, these guys are so committed to bringing back gap years, that they’ll essentially make sure you’ve got most of the tricky, paperworky stuff sorted before you’ve even left the country.


One of the best things about gap years with Letz Live is that they sort you out with a job. And before you say “I thought this was supposed to be a year away from all that”, hear me out:

By working, you’ll be able to stay overseas for longer. You’ll also come back with some impressive international work experience to chuck on your resume (so your parents don’t have to freak out about you ‘wasting’ a year of your life), and you’ll be able to meet a bunch of other like-minded travellers.

You’ll also be working for an organization that employs travellers. This is excellent news, because it means they understand that you still want to TRAVEL! You’ll get plenty of time off to do and see everything your host country has to offer – which brings me to the next point.


Did you seriously just ask that? Oh dear.

Honestly, I’m afraid that I won’t do NZ justice in just one or two paragraphs. But screw it, let’s give it a shot:

When New Zealand comes to mind, the first word I can think of is adrenalin. Think of overnight kayaking through world famous fjords, bungee jumping, skiing down huge mountains in fresh pow, surfing the fabled points of Raglan, and jetboating.

The second word is adventure. You can visit the Lord of the Rings set and look for Hobbits, head to beaches where penguins and seals just happen to be chilling out, and road trip across two of the most beautiful islands in the world. On top of that, the Pacific Islands are super accessible from NZ, so you can just duck out to Fiji for a sneaky weekend if you please.

Letz Live have also teamed up with Wild Kiwi to bring you epic adventure tours – letting you focus less on the admin side of things, and more on the good times. Hit up Letz Live here if you wanna know more about these tours.

If you’re keen to spend your year meeting incredible people and making memories that won’t be forgotten any time soon, then you should definitely hit up Letz Live and get the ball rolling. They’ll make sure you’re introduced to the type of people who turn a year abroad into the best year of your life, and help you along every step of the way.”

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