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 Experience the Best of the United Kingdom with a Gap Year Progamme

Our UK gap year programme is designed for young people who want to immerse themselves into British culture. The programme is available to those who are graduating high school, university students or recent graduates. 

A Paid Gap Year

With a UK gap year programme you will live and work as a gap year teaching assistant in a prominent UK boarding school. We have hundreds of positions across the United Kingdom and match your skills and attributes to a UK school.

What Does Britain Have to Offer?

The country is a melting pot of all things modern, traditional and ancient — from the wonder of The Beatles’ Liverpool landmarks to the opulence of the Buckingham Palace to the antiquity of the Stonehenge. Even a regular weekend seems like a holiday when you visit the Lake District or look for the best pint of ale in the West Country. The rest of Europe is only a train ride away. Living in the UK lets you experience all of this.

Why just see the country when you can live it? Spend your gap year on a Letz Live programme.

What Do You Get from Letz Live’s UK Gap Year Programme?

Our UK gap year programme lets you experience life as a local in the British Isles. You will work as a gap assistant in a local school and get the chance to explore the country and nearby European cities when school is out.

The gap year programme includes complimentary food and accommodation along with a weekly allowance. Our team also provides visa assistance, a comprehensive orientation and ongoing support throughout your stay.

Spend Your Gap Year Getting Paid

Imagine getting paid to take a year off before university or diving into the workforce and spending it in an entirely different country. You can have this opportunity when you apply as a gap year assistant.

Letz Live presents an opportunity to explore Britain and the rest of Europe through our gap year jobs in UK boarding schools. You get to experience living in a boarding school and get paid to become a short-term assistant there. It’s an affordable and comprehensive way to immerse in British culture.

Why spend on a two-week or one-month tourist vacation when you can earn while staying in the country for much longer?

What to Expect

Letz Live started in late 2004 when our founder, Nick Hare, felt compelled to help young people experience life beyond Oz by working as a gap year assistant. He had the time of his life during his gap year in England so our team makes sure you have an equally adventurous overseas experience.

During your gap year in a UK boarding school we make sure your accommodation and meals are covered. You will get a weekly allowance as part of the exchange of your service to the school. You will also receive constant support and mentoring from the local staff.

Brace for the possibility of school excursions that help you immerse into the local culture. You also have time off on weekends and school holidays, when you can meet with other gap year teaching assistants and explore the country and the rest of Europe together.

Things to Prepare

After you submit your application, allow us to take care of the rest. Simply pack your bags and bring a bright, curious attitude and you’re ready for your adventure.

Fill out an application form for our paid UK gap year programmes today.

Check out our participant reviews below and visit our Blog for more updates!

Applications for 2021 remain open!

Our partner schools are looking for you. Start your application today.

The sooner you apply, the better! To be fair to all applicants, our priority application dates are strictly enforced and therefore it's advisable that applications be submitted in-full prior to the dates that are listed below.

Applications remain open for 2021. Lucky you!


Placements for our United Kingdom Gap Year Program commence at the start of January and conclude in mid December or commence in late August and conclude in June the following year.



At this stage, there are no shorter-term placement options available for our United Kingdom Gap Year Programme.


In addition to complimentary food and accommodation, participants can expect to receive approximately £110 per week as an allowance throughout the school term.


Our programme inclusions are listed below.

  • Your placement as an assistant at a leading UK school, carefully selected by our team (we visit our host placements annually to ensure their continued suitability to host our participants)
  • Your host school will provide you with food and accommodation during term time in addition to an allowance
  • A dedicated "Country Manager" (who has personally experienced their own gap year working in a school) who will be your key point of contact in the lead up to and throughout the full duration of your placement in the United Kingdom
  • Ongoing and unlimited support from our Australian Headquarters and extended team based across New Zealand, South Africa and of course our permanent United Kingdom based team
  • Our famous 'Orientation' programme which is held prior to the commencement of your placement. The orientation programme includes 2 x nights; (4.5 star) hotel accommodation, daily breakfast, airport transfers, city tour and a welcome dinner to enjoy with your fellow participants
  • A day seminar during the orientation programme held in conjunction with the UK's Boarding School Association (BSA) to ensure you're fully briefed on the roles and responsibilities entrusted to you by your host school during your gap year placement
  • Local UK mobile phone SIM card prior to your arrival in the UK (so Mum & Dad can reach you the moment you arrive)
  • Access to our exclusive Letz Live Facebook groups where you can "meet" hundreds of other UK bound gap assistants
  • Access to discounted travel insurance, flights and  tour itineraries for you (and your friends / families) for adventures throughout your gap year experience
  • Assistance and guidance with international money transfers, estsablishing a UK bank account, police certificates and relevant complicance documentation required to work with children in the UK


Applicants for our United Kingdom Gap Year Program must:

  • Be aged between 17* and 31 years old at the time of your arrival into the United Kingdom
  • Be 18 years of age and hold a valid Australian, British, Canadian, New Zealand passport holder
  • Be least 17 years of age (at time of departure) and hold a British passport or have grandparents that were born in the UK
  • Be a South African passport holder who have grandparents who were born in the UK
  • Have no serious pre-existing medical conditions
  • Have no prior convictions, with the ability to provide evidence as required
  • Have completed (at a minimum) secondary schooling prior to arrival into the United Kingdom
  • Be willing to undergo a medical examination as part of the visa application (if required by United Kingdom Immigration authorities)
Courtney D review

“I am extremely grateful for the opportunity Letz Live has enabled me to have. Letz Live was of great assistance before I even arrived in England, organising my placement in a great boarding school, flights and travel insurance. They also helped me to apply for my Visa, which would have been extremely difficult without their help. I cannot recommend Letz Live enough to anyone considering to undertake this adventure. It has been an extremely worthwhile and life changing experience, and is a year I will treasure for the rest of my life.”

Courtney D
James H review

"Undertaking a gap year is an invaluable opportunity to experience things I'd never thought possible and learn new life lessons. Being placed in the UK (Brighton) allowed me to experience many different cultures and an entirely new way of life. The ability to travel so freely and cheaply around Europe and beyond in term breaks is a massive benefit after living in Australia and finding it difficult to travel efficiently and frequently."

James H
Steph P review

“I decided to take a Gap year instead of heading straight to University and it has turned out to be one of the best decisions/years of my life. I was greeted by my school in Northern England with open arms, which helped make my other Gap and I feel immediately at home. I worked at a day school, predominately helping out in the PE and Rowing department and it has been a both challenging yet extremely rewarding experience." 

Steph P
Boyd M review

"Doing a gap year with Letz Live has undoubtedly been the best experience of my life to date. They placed me in a school that best suited my interests and made my transition into the UK seamless by helping me organise all the paperwork to get there (passport, visa, insurance etc.) as well as telling me what to expect throughout the year. Over the 12 months I travelled to a total of 20 countries and experienced a number of different cultures and customs that have in effect broadened my outlook on the world. I highly recommend doing a gap year with Letz Live as it is truly an opportunity of a lifetime.”

Boyd M
Lucy B review

"Honestly, the first few months of my Gap Year were super tough and emotional. I had never lived away from home before and I was terribly homesick and not really enjoying myself. I almost wanted to go home. HOWEVER - 11 months later, at the end of my gap year, I couldn't recommend it more highly to anyone. This whole year has been the experience of a life time and I don't regret it one bit! Thanks to the great support of the Letz Live team and the wonderful people around me at me school, I pushed past the homesickness and have made the absolute most of this once in a life time opportunity."

Lucy B
Johnny H review

“Letz Live gave me one of the most memorable years of my life to date. They helped me set up everything for my gap year from the get-go (visas, passports, what to expect etc.). Countless experiences were made including Paddywagon (still the most fun and wildest week of my life to date), Topdeck, Snow skiing in the French Alps, La Tomatina and many more adventures. It’s still crazy to think I packed all of this (and more) into a number of months! I highly recommend Letz Live as they will set you up for a year of no regrets!”

Johnny H
Tian D review

“Taking a gap year through Letz Live will definitely not be a decision to regret, in fact it has given me memories and friendships to last a lifetime. I worked throughout the year in a prep school in the South of England and performed many roles across the sports and music departments. It was a year of independence, teaching and hopefully inspiring hundreds of children who have also influenced me a great deal and allowed me to find myself."

Tian D
Nick C review

“Letz Live placed me in a boarding school in a great school in the North of England. Prior to this they made it clear what needed to be done to get myself over there including information and recommendations about flights, visas and insurance. Once over there they kept in contact without ‘nannying’ and were always there if you needed any help. Definitely would recommend a gap year through Letz Live to anyone.”

Nick C
Holly B review

"I was placed in a wonderful boarding school in North London, where I had a multitude of roles. I worked in the boarding house four times a week, helping and working with the children, and also worked in the school four days a week as a teachers aid. I had two days off every week, in which I explored London, other cities in the UK, and sometimes even other cities in Europe. I also had about 15 weeks of holidays in the year to explore the UK and Europe. Taking a gap year with Letz Live was the greatest decision I’ve ever made, and I would encourage anyone to do it! I learnt and experienced so much, and met so many amazing people that will be my friends for life.”

Holly B
Anna M review

"I can highly recommend a Letz Live gap year to anyone considering it. Thanks to Letz Live, I have had the most amazing twelve months living and working in a boarding school in Northern England. I was lucky enough to be placed with a school that placed their full trust in me, meaning my days were filled helping out children in lessons, assisting in coaching sporting teams and matches and helping every morning and evening in the boarding house. This gap year has given me many unique and wonderful experiences, many of which I can safely say would not be possible in Australia." 

Anna M
Application Procedure


To apply for this program, you’ll first be required to share a bit about yourself by completing an online application form and uploading your photo. Be sure to include as much detail as possible! This will help us to secure the right placement for you.

So, you’ve completed the form. What’s next? 

Once we receive your application, we’ll contact your three nominated referees and ask them to complete a confidential online evaluation form regarding your suitability for the United Kingdom Gap Year Program. Once we’ve heard back from each of your referees, we’ll get in touch with you via email to arrange a time and date for your face-to-face interview.

Following your face-to-face interview, we hope to be in a position to discuss your application with the ideal school for you in the United Kingdom!

Apply Now
Affordable & Inclusive



All of our gap year programmes are subject to a non-refundable application fee which is payable at the time of your online application. The application fee includes all costs associated with the processing of your application and your interview with our team.

Only applicants who are offered and subsequently accept a placement will be charged the remainder of the programme fee. 

 Application FeeProgramme Fee
Africa (inc. South Africa)R990.00R19,900.00
Australia & New Zealand (and everywhere else)$125.00$2,690.00
Europe & United Kingdom£50.00 £1,250.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answers to some commonly asked questions regarding our United Kingdom Gap Year Programme. Can’t find the answer to your question? Get in touch with one of our friendly team today and request an information pack!
The answer is...... perhaps. It really does come down to the individual school and their unique set of requirements. In saying this, we only have a handful of placements that only appoint one participant, so the chances are you're likely to be placed at a school with a fellow Letz Live participant. What make's this even better is that you will have communication from them the moment placements are confirmed and have the opportunity to meet during pre-departure functions and our orientation programme!
Participants can expect ongoing support from a dedicated Country Manager who is based in the United Kingdom in addition to support from our staff in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. They are available directly via mobile telephone or email throughout the duration of their placement and of course we aim to visit all participants at least twice during their 11-month placement.
Based on number of applicants received in previous years, the chances are high! Whilst we cannot guarantee that all applicants will receive a placement (as the schools make the final decision), we do make a conscious effort to identify opportunities across our entire network of placement partners to ensure there is a suitable placement for all our outstanding candidates!
We certainly take down your preferences for a number of things including your preferred location, age groups, if you've got a particular interest in a school or if you would like to travel with a friend. In saying this, whilst we take them as "preferences" we cannot guarantee this and therefore some flexibility on your behalf is required. Our job is to match YOU to the best possible placement based on YOUR strengths and interests. The wonderful thing about the UK is that there is PLENTY of travel opportunities for you to catch up with both old and new friends during your year in the UK.
We want to ensure that all participants have an enjoyable and worry-free travel experience! There are two reasons why the travel package is mandatory; Firstly, travelling with a few hundred young people embarking on the same experience in the UK as you provides you with a great opportunity to meet and network with other young people. Secondly, we host our "orientation" programmes outside of the UK, typically in Dubai, Singapore or alike en-route to the UK prior to your placement. Obviously coordinating several hundred flights for the orientation is near impossible and a logistical nightmare.

To give you an idea of costings, this years travel package prices were AUD/NZD$3,950.00 (for Australian / New Zealand participants) and R27,000.00 (for South African participants). The price included return airfares including taxes, generous baggage allowances and connecting flights in-line with your orientation and host school arrival / departure dates. The travel package also includes fully comprehensive travel / medical insurance for the full duration of your gap year abroad in addition to any holiday adventures you undertake outside of the United Kingdom.

Don't stress about the payments either. We offer flexible payment options and the ability for interest-free repayments.
Not at all! We have access to various visa options catering specifically for those under the age of 18. Should your application be successful, our team will guide you through the process and put you in touch with the experts over at Restless World ( to facilitate your visa application (if you require one).
Unfortunately, due to the complicated nature of visa and entry clearance requirements imposed by the UK government, we are unable to offer alternative program options in the UK at this time. We do, however, offer several Gap Year program options for participants to enjoy across the world. Some of our other fantastic destinations include Australia, New Zealand and Thailand!
Due to the limited number of school placements available in London, we are unable to guarantee that a participant will be placed where requested, but don’t let this discourage you! The United Kingdom public transport system is a convenient and cost-effective way to explore every corner of the island nation, including London!
During the school holiday periods, you’ll be able to explore and travel around the United Kingdom at your own leisure. Why not make the most of our amazing ‘gap-only’ tours, explore the island nation with family and friends, or even take a quick trip to visit Rome, Paris or even Berlin? The world is your oyster!

Depending on your placement, it is to your schools’ discretion whether of not your accommodation will be available during the holidays, so be sure you ask your employer. Please note that food is only inclusive during working terms and will not be provided during school holiday periods.