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Gap Year Program for Teaching Assistants in Thailand


All our placements are in leading international schools across Thailand, so there is no need to have a prior understanding of the Thai language.

Stunning coastlines, bustling metropolises and lush tropical rainforests. A land where old meets new, incredible food is served with the warmest of hospitality, and hidden gems are just waiting to be discovered. It’s no wonder that Thailand plays host to millions of visitors each year; the history and natural beauty of this South-East Asian country has long captivated the hearts and minds of those who venture to its shores.

Live in the Heart of Southeast Asia During Your Gap Year

Our Thailand gap year programs are designed for young people interested in the country’s rich cultural heritage. The program is available for individuals between ages 17 and 25 who want to take a paid and organised break before entering university or the workforce. A gap year program in Thailand gives you time to explore and appreciate the stunning coastlines, excellent cuisine and opulent temples.

Why work with us in preparation for your gap year?

Letz Live connects you to an international school where English is the students’ native language. We work with the most reputable schools that ease your transition into the Thai professional and social environment. 

Our gap year program in the heart of Southeast Asia includes the following:

  • Complimentary food
  • Accommodation
  • Weekly allowance
  • Visa assistance
  • In-country orientation
  • Ongoing support

In addition to your daily exposure to the Thai life, your school might organise excursions that let you explore the hidden gems of the country. You get the weekends and holidays to yourself so you can meet up with fellow Gap Assistants and explore the rest of the country — from the hill tribes of Chiang Mai to the beaches of Phuket.

Thailand appeals to all travellers

Tourists come here for many different things. Some visit for the street food and spicy dishes. Some explore the remnants of centuries-old temples and shrines. Some go island hopping and scuba diving. These visitors have varying interests, but they all agree on one thing about their experience: it’s amazing.

A huge part of why tourists enjoy their stay so much is how pleasant Thais are. So, the tourist agency launched the slogan ‘Amazing Thailand’ to spread the mentality and hospitality that make the country, well, amazing.

Get a deep understanding of the reason behind this slogan by spending a gap year in Thailand.

Friendly Thailand

The moment you step off the plane and soak in the sun, you’ll immediately have a smile on your face. Thailand has that distinct charm that makes people want to stay and explore. Throughout your gap year working in Thailand you will come to appreciate the friendly and supportive smiles from the children and staff, making each day enjoyable.

Why be a tourist when you can get paid as a gap assistant?

Letz Live started in 2004 when our founder, Nick Hare, returned to Australia after a gap year in the UK. He made unforgettable memories and lifelong friends and he wants other young people to have a similar experience in many countries around the world.

Our gap year programs are one way for you to see parts of the world as a local. Instead of a short stay as a visitor, you are paid to be a Gap Assistant in a leading international school and are truly immersed in the culture of Thailand.

Apply for our upcoming Thailand gap year program today.

Applications for 2021 remain open!

Our partner schools are looking for you. Start your application today.



Lucky you! Thailand Gap Year applications are still open. Due to the recent world events, we made the decision to extend our usual March deadline to those who are genuinely interested in a life-changing, resume boosting, jaw-dropping gap year to Thailand! We have many new positions available, so act quickly. A new culture awaits. 


Placements for our Thailand Gap Year Program commence in early January and early August and conclude in December or July depending on duration and intake.


Our Thailand Gap Year Program uniquely is offered as an 11 month placement. 


In addition to complimentary food and accommodation, participants can expect to receive between AU$150 and AU$350 per week as an allowance during the school term.

Ellen F review

“Letz Live organised everything for me; from reassuring my worried mother that I would survive four months in Asia, to placing me in a school that was not only amazing but suited my interests and abilities.Thailand’s culture is so different to Australia – it was fantastic arriving with someone who had been there before, especially when it came to bartering.”

Ellen F
Courtney F review

“With the tropical location of Thailand, the sunny beach lifestyle plays a huge role in everyday life here (even more so on my days off). If I’m not on the beach you will probably find me at the markets where I have perfected the art of bartering. I also get to eat the greatest Pad Thai in the world! But the real highlight is the role I play within the school. Mum - you might have to drag me on to the plane home!”

Courtney F
Peta B review

“Before going on my Gap Year I wasn’t entirely sure how the year would turn out, but sure enough it was the best year of my life. Initially it was hard saying goodbye to all my family and friends, but after having spent a year in such proximity with my new family (the school community) I found it even harder to return to Australia. Being given the chance to embrace a totally new lifestyle with a whole range of responsibilities so far away from home, gave me the chance to become my own person and with that I was able to gain confidence in myself."

Peta B
Nick W. review

My year in Thailand was life changing! Immersing myself in a completely new culture was both a unique and rewarding experience that not many people get in their life. The school I was placed in was perfect, we were only a short drive to Bangkok known for it’s cheap shopping, food and flights all over Asia, the school was 10 minutes to the beach and had a full international buffet ........ so I never went hungry and most of all the people were incredible! I was teaching English in the Early Years department which allowed me to develop skills and confidence that I still use in my career today.

Nick W.
Carl P review

“When I first arrived in Phuket, I had no idea what to expect, but from my first day here I have loved it! The school is great and all the staff are really easy going; many are from Australia and the United Kingdom. The students are also really friendly and are always smiling. As are most of the local Thai people for that matter!”

Carl P


Our Thailand Gap Year Program is inclusive of:

  • Your placement as an assistant at a leading international school in Thailand, carefully selected by our team (we visit our host placements annually to ensure their continued suitability to host our participants)
  • A dedicated 'Program Manager' who will be your key point of contact in the lead up to and throughout the full duration of your placement with us
  • Ongoing and unlimited support from our world-wide team
  • In-country orientation course upon arrival, including 2 x nights’ accommodation, daily breakfast and welcome dinner
  • Local Thailand mobile phone SIM card
  • Discounted travel tours throughout South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand
  • 2 x complimentary international money transfers


Applicants for our Thailand Gap Year Program must:

  • Be aged between 17 and 25 years old at the time of their arrival into Thailand
  • Have a valid passport from their home country (United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, or Canada).
  • Have no serious pre-existing medical conditions
  • Have no prior convictions, with the ability to provide evidence as required
  • Have no serious food allergies (eg: nuts)

Please note from January 2020, South African nationals are no longer eligible for this programme.

Affordable & Inclusive


Application & Program Fees

All of our gap year programs are subject to a non-refundable application fee which is payable at the time of your online application. The application fee includes all costs associated with the processing of your application and interview.

 Only applicants who are offered and subsequently accept a placement will be charged the remainder of the program fee.

 Region of OriginApplication FeeProgram Fee
Africa (inc. South Africa)R 990.00R 19,900.00
Australia & New Zealand (and everywhere else)AUD $125.00AUD $2,690.00
Europe & United Kingdom £ 50.00£ 1,250.00
Application Procedure

Lodging an Application

To apply for this program, you’ll first be required to share a bit about yourself by completing an online application form and uploading your photo. Be sure to include as much detail as possible! This will help us to secure the right placement for you.

So, you’ve completed the form. What’s next?

Once we receive your application, we’ll contact your three nominated referees and ask them to complete a confidential online evaluation form regarding your suitability for the Thailand Gap Year Program. Once we’ve heard back from each of your referees, we’ll get in touch with you via email to arrange a time and date for your face-to-face interview. 

Following your face-to-face interview, we hope to be in a position to discuss your application with the ideal school for you in Thailand!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you will find the answer some commonly asked questions regarding our Thailand Gap Year Program. Can’t find the answer to your question? Get in touch with one of our friendly team today!
All our placements in Thailand are in international schools whereby English is spoken as a first language. The majority of school staff and a good proportion of students are expatriates from Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, South Africa, North America and the United Kingdom.
The short answer is ‘Yes’! Like anywhere that you travel, it’s always important to remain cautious of your actions and those around you to ensure that you stay safe. To date, we have not experienced any problems with participants in Thailand and do not anticipate any in the future.
With each school catering specifically to western staff and students, the standard of food and accommodation offered as part of our Thailand Gap Year Program is exactly as you would expect if you were placed in any of our western programs. However, you will of course be able to indulge in traditional Thai food if and when you please!
Our partner schools are situated in cities located across the entire country of Thailand, including the beautiful countryside. Wherever you may be placed as part of your program, you can expect a culturally rich experience during your time in Thailand.
Although highly unlikely, the number or participants depends greatly on the school. Each is different, with the smallest school hosting 3 participants at one time and the largest hosting 15 participants at one time.