Gap Year in Wagga Wagga


What to Expect in Wagga Wagga

The world is a big place, and there are loads of great gap year destinations waiting for you. Amongst the many options, Australia is a top pick. Loads of students from English speaking countries love coming to Australia for gap years because you know the language and it’s easier to fit into the lifestyle.

Of course, there are loads of places in Australia that you can visit. At Letz Live, we offer programs that take you to some of the most wondrous sights and scenes in the country. One of our most popular destinations is Wagga Wagga. This regional city in New South Wales offers so many delights that make it the perfect place for a gap year. Plus, our programs are different from others as we go the extra mile to ensure you have everything you need for the perfect experience!

Enjoy Life By The Murrumbidgee River

Wagga Wagga is situated on the vast Murrumbidgee River. It’s the second longest river in Australia and offers some truly amazing views and experiences. If you got on a gap year here, then you can immerse yourself in life by the river. Spend your free time swimming in the water or sitting on the riverbank as you soak up the sun. Wait for the sun to set, and you’ll see a stunning pink glow embrace the river and create a sight you’ll struggle to see anywhere else.

That’s the beauty of Wagga Wagga; it’s a city that embraces nature and provides you with a lot of great places to walk or relax. The people are incredibly friendly as well – it’s easy to chat with locals and make yourself feel at home. If you’re used to living in a busy city where everyone just passes one another without even saying hello, then this is the perfect place for you.

There are loads of amazing things you can do while you’re in Wagga Wagga as well. It’s home to some wonderful tourist spots like the botanic gardens, the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery, and the ancient Rail Heritage Museum. You can really walk around and learn about the history of this beautiful city – oh, and there’s a sandy beach nearby for you to spend lots of time at too! You’ll have plenty of leisure activities to pass the time, and there’s no shortage of excellent eateries to quench your appetite.

Work In A Leading Australian Boarding School

One of the things that set our program apart from the rest is that we encourage you to work when you’re not playing! As such, we set you up with a job in a leading school in Wagga Wagga. You’ll become one of the assistants there, sharing your knowledge with the younger generation of Aussies! We try and match you with posts that suit your own expertise – if you’re good at maths, then it makes sense to find a school that needs a maths assistant!

This means that you get to spend your days working with children and feeling like you’re part of the Wagga Wagga family. You put in the work, then you have your evenings and weekends free for fun. Also, the benefit of working in a school is that you get all the holidays as well. So, when the kids break up for Christmas, Easter, and summer holidays, you get the time off to do whatever you want.

It gives you the perfect work/life balance to make your Australian gap year as good as it can possibly be. Plus, your parents can have peace of mind knowing that you won’t be wasting all your time and money just running around Wagga Wagga doing whatever you want!

Get Plenty Of Support From Our Team

If your application is successful, then you get access to so much great support on your Gap Year. To start, you have an orientation course that helps you get to grips with life in Wagga Wagga and how the people act, etc. It really helps you get used to this new way of life as it can be a bit of a culture shock!

What’s more, you get complimentary accommodation and food from the school – and a weekly allowance that can be up to AU$350! So, you’re pretty well taken care of, giving you less to worry about during your stay.

Taking a gap year in Wagga Wagga is a fantastic idea if you want to experience the joy of a beautiful riverside city. There are so many things to see or do while you live there, so you’ll never be bored. If this is something you like the sound of, then feel free to fill in one of our application forms today!


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