When most people think about Australia, they tend to think about all the famous cities over on the eastern side of the country. Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne are all found over on this side of Australia. But, way over to the west, we have the beautiful city of Perth.

Perth has so much going for it, which is why loads of people are claiming it’s a fantastic gap year destination. If you’re in the middle of weighing up your post-school options – or are looking for a break after graduating from uni – then a gap year in Perth might be right up your street. There’s so much for you to love about this city, and our gap year programs can help you spend your time wisely!

The Sunniest City In Australia

In general, gap years in Australia are popular because of the amazing weather. But, Perth really blows all other cities out of the water. You get an average of 265 sunny days a year, which means the majority of your time there will be spent in the sun! In fact, if you go for a 6-month stint in Perth during the spring/summer time, then you’ll be blessed with fantastic weather every single day.

A Modern City Without The Stress

Part of the beauty of living in Perth is that it is probably how all cities should be. You get all the modern comforts; plenty of shopping outlets to spend time in, loads of amazing restaurants, and a plethora of informative and educational museums and galleries. But, you get all of this without the complete pandemonium that comes with most modern cities. The population actually suits the city size, so you don’t spend every day trying to navigate packed streets full of busy people who barely even notice you exist! You can actually walk around peacefully; it’s a brilliant place to de-stress without being completely cut off from modern life.

Discover The Natural Beauty Of Western Australia

Perth is the largest city in Western Australia, and it’s the perfect base if you want to explore the country’s most naturally beautiful area. The city itself is home to some stunning places – like Swan Valley with its lovely blue river, wineries, and amazing food. You’ll see loads of brilliant beaches dotted around the coast, all of which contain golden sand and perfect swimming conditions. Then, a little bit further out, you’ve got the incredible Lancelin sand dunes, Bells Rapids waterfalls, and so much more. Honestly, you can plan out months and months worth of exploration around Western Australia when you go on a gap year to Perth.

Be Part Of A Friendly Community

The people in Perth are all part of a large and friendly community. It really feels as though everyone is looking out for one another – you almost get the vibe of a small town inside a large city. The people will make you feel very welcome, and there are plenty of expats there as well. So, it’s easy for you to settle in and get advice from people who’ve moved here in the past. It’s the type of city where you’ll probably meet new people every day and form friendships out of a one-off conversation.

Don’t Worry About Work Or Accommodation

We know one of the biggest gap year concerns is that you won’t have enough money to sustain your travel experience, or you won’t have anywhere to stay for such a long time. So, we take care of this with our coveted gap year programs. You can become an assistant in a local boarding school, which gives you something to do while you’re away. Working in schools is one of the most rewarding things you can do, and it’s a great way to ensure you aren’t just running around blowing through all your money. We give you a weekly allowance while you’re there, and this helps take care of your basic needs. Don’t worry about accommodation either; you get to stay in the school free of charge!

As you can see, Perth is shaping up to be an excellent gap year destination. You’ll see loads of universities encouraging gap years because they know how vital they can be for your development as a person. By going to a city like Perth – which is rich with culture and full of brilliant opportunities – it provides you with new and exciting experiences, as well as many learning opportunities. So, if you’re thinking about going on a gap year and want to visit a fantastic city while enjoying complimentary accommodation and working in a school, then fill in one of our application forms today!


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