Gap Year in Melbourne


Gap Year in Melbourne

If you’re planning a gap year, then your options are wide open. Think about all the countries and cities you can spend a few months in; the choices are endless. But, some destinations are more popular than others, and Melbourne is seen as a top choice for gap years!

Why? Well, it’s a phenomenal city that blends urban life with a relaxed atmosphere. Not only that, but it gives you so many things to do – so you’ll never struggle to pass the time. As it happens, we offer gap year programs for anyone that’s just finished school or has graduated from university. With our help, you can spend a few months in Melbourne – and here’s what you’ll get to enjoy:

One Of The Most Liveable Cities In The World

Each year, there’s a survey that finds out the most liveable cities in the world. In 2018, Melbourne came second – in the previous 7 years, it was first! To put it simply, you couldn’t ask for a better place to call home for a few months. It’s earned this ranking based on how safe the city is, the tourism opportunities, the job outlook, and the people.

It’s the type of city that will blow your mind. The transport system is so easy to use, so you can get around the place with ease. There are loads of beautiful lanes leading off streets that are adorned with street art. Of course, you have the stunning Yarra River that separates the North and South of Melbourne; it’s a beauty to behold and provides the perfect backdrop for your new home.

Jampacked Full Of Sports

The Aussies love their sports, and Melbourne is probably the sports capital of the country. For two weeks in January, Melbourne plays host to the Australian Open tennis tournament. Here, all the big names come to strut their stuff and battle it out in the heat. You have the MCG that plays host to both cricket and AFL, and you’ve even got the local rugby team (the Melbourne Rebels) to keep you entertained as well.

If you love sports, then this is such a fantastic city to live in. As well as watching loads of live events, there are plenty of clubs around that you can join too. So, it’s a chance to try your hand at something you’ve never done before – like AFL!

There’s Never A Dull Moment

All the sporting events we just mentioned only scratch the surface of what’s on in Melbourne. Alongside this you have countless festivals that celebrate films, comedy, food & wine; the list goes on. To put it simply; the Melbourne events calendar is always jampacked full of things to see and do every week.

There’s never a dull moment when you live in Melbourne, and this is added to by all of the local attractions as well. Get your tourist hat on and take a trip down the Yarra River, or go for a long stroll through the botanic gardens. The cafes here will blow your typical coffee shop out of the water, so it’s always worth starting your day with a nice warm brew. Take in the beauty of Federation Square; an iconic part of the city that shows off some genuinely beautiful architecture. You have museums, delicious restaurants, so many shops, and loads of brilliant and bustling markets as well. The city is always alive, and this makes it such a fun place to be in.

Improve Your Gap Year By Working In A Boarding School

The best gap years are ones that reward you in some way. Living in the best city on earth is relatively rewarding, but you can make your experience that little bit better by applying for one of our gap year programs. We can set you up with a job in a boarding school and provide a weekly wage that helps you look after yourself. It makes your trip even safer, and working in a school rewards your mind. A lot of universities are encouraging gap years because of the things you learn while you’re away. Well, working in a school ensures that your mind is always ticking over, and you can learn something new every day.

By working in a school, it means you have loads of free time to enjoy life in Melbourne and do whatever you want. Plus, school holidays can leave you with a good few weeks off at a time, so you can really explore this great city. Check out our site and fill in an application if you’re interested in this brilliant gap year experience.

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