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Australia is fast becoming the land of the gap year. Flick through your Instagram Stories, and there’s always a handful of people living it up in Australia. Part of the reason this country is so popular for gap years is that it’s amazingly diverse. On the one hand, there are populated busy cities with all the modern comforts you need. On the other hand, you have quieter areas that offer a new perspective on life – like Ballarat.

If a gap year in Australia is one of your post-school options, then have a long hard think about going to Ballarat. It has a relatively small population, and it’s nowhere near as well-known as the nearby city of Melbourne. But, we offer gap year programs in Ballarat, and there are plenty of reasons we believe it’s a great place to be:

The Best Of Both Worlds

Ballarat is a city, so you get everything you need from typical city life. The public transport system is easy to use and helps you nip around the city. You can find loads of shops that give you everything you need, along with plenty of charming coffee shops, places for leisure activities, and much more. If you’re really at-home with the normal city life, then you can get it here.

However, it also offers so much more away from the confines of the city. The nearby Lake Wendouree with its gorgeous Lake Gardens gives you a chance to explore the beautiful nature around Ballarat. Swim in the lake, take out a paddle boat or just enjoy walking around the lush green gardens. There are so many hiking spots close by as well, with Trentham Falls being a very trendy destination. Cuddle a Koala at the interactive Ballarat Wildlife Park or mine for gold at the nearby fields.

In essence, you seamlessly blend city life with the great outdoors. If you need your home comforts, then spend some time in the city. If you want to experience a more carefree way of life, then explore the natural beauty surrounding the city.

A Relaxing Lifestyle

Even though the city area looks like your typical city, the ambience is totally different. If you want that super busy rush of city life, then head to Melbourne – it’s not that far away! Here, you have all the benefits that a city brings, but with a more relaxed vibe. You can spend your weekends sitting outside a local coffee shop and sipping your drink while you watch the world go by. You won’t be met with a rush of traffic and the honk of horns; it’s just a very laid back place to live. When you’re in school or university, you’re definitely not used to this sort of life. So, it comes as a bit of a culture shock – but a positive one!

Great For Budget Travellers

Ballarat is actually such a cheap place to live. The average cost of buying/renting a home is nearly half the average in the state of Victoria! Luckily for you, we provide accommodation as part of our gap year program, so you don’t really have to think about this. But, if you have visions of staying here after the program has ended, then you can at least be safe in the knowledge that it won’t be costly!

Plus, the cost of everything is generally a lot cheaper here. So, you can tuck into some wonderful food at the best restaurants in Ballarat without spending all of your weekly allowances. It’s so handy to stay in a city that’s not overly expensive – trust us, your parents will be overjoyed as they don’t have to keep sending you money.

Don’t Waste Your Gap Year

For us, gap years are all about the different experiences you gain. It may seem appealing to spend 12 months doing nothing but sunbathing, but what do you take from this?

With our gap year program in Ballarat, we ensure that you don’t waste your gap year. You’ll be put to work in a local school – and you can work in an area of your expertise and interests. So, take what you learned through your many years of education and give back to the younger generation. You get accommodation and a complimentary weekly wage as well – not to forget free food!

It looks a lot better if you can tell people that you spent a year out teaching children rather than a year relaxing on beaches in the sun. You still have plenty of time for that anyway – your weekends are free, and you get school holidays off too. So, you can work hard, and then play hard as well.

If you’re seriously considering a gap year in Ballarat, then fill in our application form today. 

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