Gap Year in Adelaide 

It’s no secret that universities are encouraging gap years more and more. The chance to take a year out and travel can help you clear your mind and really figure out what you want to do with your life. The secret to a successful gap year lies in where you go. Ideally, you want to spend some time in a place where you can learn new things, embrace a different culture, and have plenty of fun.

Adelaide ticks all of these boxes – and more. It’s the ideal gap year destination, and here’s what it offers travellers from around the world:

A Gap Year On A Budget

Gap years tend to be expensive, but Adelaide helps you cut down on a lot of your costs. It’s a very affordable city to live in, and this is why loads of students choose to go there to study or live. Prices for things like food and transport are considerably less than other major cities in the country, so it’s easier for you to manage your money and get a lot done without spending a fortune.

Very Student-Friendly

Adelaide also happens to be one of the most student-friendly places in the whole of Australia. Now, while you won’t be studying, it is helpful to be surrounded by people that are the same age as you. With lots of students come lots of activities that you can participate in – along with opportunities to make loads of new friends. So, it’s to the type of city where everyone is ten or twenty years older than you, and it’s hard to fit in!

Loads Of Potential Opportunities

A big reason that gap years are being pushed by universities is that they can present young people with life-changing moments. In Adelaide, you’re living in a city that’s full of opportunities for young people like you. There are loads of businesses that offer internships and employment chances, which can help you decide on what the future holds. A lot of people will intend to go on a gap year, then find an unmissable job opportunity that makes them want to move full-time. With our gap year programs in Adelaide, we provide you with a post at a local school, where you can work. It’s a voluntary post in that you don’t get a set wage, but you are given money every week to help with all your expenses. But, in your spare time, you may discover job applications or internships that will set you up with life after your gap year is over.

Full Of Fun & Exciting Things To Do/See

You won’t struggle to find things to do when you have free time during your gap year in Adelaide. It’s known as the festival capital of Australia due to the sheer number of festivals that are held here throughout the year. These festivals are amazingly fun, and you can properly get amongst the locals!

If you fancy something a little bit more downbeat and relaxing, then explore all the cultural spots in Adelaide as well. The South Australian Museum is a wonderful place that helps explain the history of the city and the area around it. Some beautiful art galleries showcase fantastic work from some of the most talented Australian artists of our generation. The Adelaide Botanic Gardens are also a must-see spot; you’ll spend many an afternoon or weekend enjoying a range of free leisure activities here, or just lying on the grass soaking up the sun.

A Wholesome Gap Year Program

Adelaide is a city that was almost made for gap years. It’s cheap, student-friendly, and provides both fun times and learning experiences. If you want to live in this city during your gap year, then we offer a wholesome program that can make your dreams come true. As mentioned earlier, we’ll find a boarding school in the area that you’ll become an assistant at. You’ll work with the teachers to help out with lessons and showcase your own skills to the kids. So, mum and dad can feel confident that you’re actually getting something out of your gap year and aren’t just using it as an excuse to spend months doing nothing!

Along with your place at a top school, you also get free accommodation and food. We make sure that all applicants get to work in an area of their interest as well. If you’re keen on sports, then you work in the PE department, etc. This just makes your time even more enjoyable as you’re doing something you love.

We have applications on our site that you can fill out to try and get out to Adelaide in January 2020. If you think this is the best of your post-school options, then make sure you act fast as the deadline to apply is in July!

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