Gaining Independence on a Gap Year

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Gain independence, collect life stories, take a break and give yourself time to ponder life. Grace’s gap year so far has been one to remember, and not for the reasons you would expect.

Here’s Grace Napoleone’s update on life as a Gap Assistant in the UK. Thank you Grace. We admire your positivity and look forward to receiving further updates after a summer of travel!

My UK gap year is definitely one that I know I will remember forever! Over the past three months of lockdown, I have been challenged, pushed out of my comfort zone and experienced many emotions that I never thought I would endure so quickly into my year abroad. Embarking on a UK gap year has always been something that I have been extremely passionate about doing, however I definitely did not plan nor prepare for the year that I have so far experienced. In saying this, I am extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to stay over in the UK and that my host school have been an outstanding support, as well as my nine other gappies and I wouldn’t change anything about the year I have so far experienced, because I know I have grown so much as a person, as well as having an opportunity to learn and develop an independence that I’m not sure would have been possible had this been a ‘regular’ gap year.

As the summer holidays are quickly approaching, I am delighted to discover that many countries in Europe have now begun to open up and the possibility of travel is looking likely. So far, My Gappies and I have planned to travel to Crete in Greece, Barcelona in Spain and hopefully do a sail in Croatia. My gappies and I also have a car, so we will be doing a big UK road trip as soon as school breaks up! I am very much looking forward to the summer ahead, Although it may not be the 'typical’ European experience, I know that I’ll make the most of it, wherever I may be.

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