Corner Tree Cafe, Manila


Remember back in the day when vegetarians would have to pack a few cans of emergency lentils when travelling and vegans just couldn’t travel at all? Well, thankfully those days are over and it now seems every obscure corner of the globe has a little eatery for the animal lover. And it usually boasts some of the freshest, organic produce the country has to offer.

Corner Tree Café in Makati, Manila is a perfect example. Vego-fied Filipino dishes are teamed with worldly delights such as a “north African veg stew”, “arroz ala cubana” (delectable, indescribable, fried banana delight) and “teriyaki tofu”; it’s truly a vego’s paradise.

The vibe is also delightful. There’s a big tree out the front, a little library inside and the staff are oh so friendly. If you pay a visit, be sure to check out the notice board in the entrance – it will lead you in the direction of other hippy hang outs around town such as yoga joints and raw food cooking classes that support the local economy and get you mixing with the locals. What a find!

More at Or just head straight there:

150 Jupiter St. corner Saturn, Bel-Air, Makati, Metro Manila.

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