Benefits of a structured gap year

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With Universities set to turn away hundreds of students  next year,  a gap year through Letz Live is looking  better than ever! 

It was recently reported that Australian universities face turning away hundreds of thousands of applicants in 2021 as students make the decisions to stay home after school graduation. The news gets worse, universities are planning for subjects to go online. That’s right, no orientation week and no socialising at uni. This is another reason why a gap year in 2021 is one of the best decisions you will make.

A Letz Live gap year provides you with structured employment, real-world experience and international work placement to add to your resume. Return home post gap year with a clear focus on your next career move and have the fun and adventure you have worked so hard for!

Letz do something constructive in 2021, be different, stand out from the crowd. 

Experience real-life on a gap year

Having a year working and living abroad provides you with excellent life experiences. Many of our past participants have stated that they learnt a lot about themselves, matured, became more confident and learnt how to manage and budget their own money. Studies and our past participants show that people that take a Gap Year undertake considerable personal growth, allowing you to spend time developing interests outside of a classroom and identifying your own passions.

 Step out of your comfort zone

Packing that bag and moving to the other side of the world is certainly out of most people’s comfort zone and is a scary thing but pushing yourself out of your bubble is where the most learning occurs and more often than not is very beneficial for you. Opening yourself up to new experiences allows you to build confidence in yourself and to learn. A Gap Year is also a great opportunity to meet new people and travel.

Work Experience

Working abroad provides you with some excellent transferable skills that employers are seeking. Employable skills include confident communication skills, resilience, patience, organisational skills, how to multitask, understanding of others and the drive to work hard. This year will also give you a chance to learn about different cultures, ways of life and expand your worldview.

Gain insight into your preferred field of study

A Gap Year is often a welcome pause from the 13 years of schooling you have just finished. It gives you the chance to determine what you would like to study and the career path you may want to take. A Gap Year can help you solidify your original choice or can give you time to find the degree that aligns with your interests. This often means less chance for you changing degrees half way through or spending more time partying in your first year having to repeat courses. Studies show that there is a strong likelihood that you will do better at university after taking a Gap Year. A year off can allow you to clear your head and become more focused and organised once you do begin studying. The Gap Year Association states “a gap year invariably serves to develop the individual into a more focused student with a better sense of purpose and engagement in the world”.

Taking a structured Gap Year through Letz Live working and living abroad is a chance to explore the world, grow as a person and to make 2021 the most constructive and best year yet!

Image Credit: Claudia Marr

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