8 places in the UK every Harry Potter fan must visit

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Now everyone knows that the UK is possibly the most important place for a ‘Potterhead’ to visit. Not just because it was where J. K. Rowling wrote the stories, but it’s also the location where notable movie scenes were filmed. So let us show you 8 places in the UK every Harry Potter fan must visit.

1. The Elephant House, Edinburgh

Now we’re sure most of you know this already, but the Elephant House was the birthplace of Harry Potter. When Rowlings was struggling and on the verge homlessness, she would come to the Elephant, enjoy a coffee and construct the wizarding world and the evils it faced.

This cafe can be visited from 8am till 10pm on weekdays and until 11pm on Friday and Saturday. When there you can enjoy a friendly atmosphere and meal while you chat with friends or start your own novel. 

Elephant house, 8 places in the UK every Harry Potter fan must visit

2. Platform 9 ¾ 

This platform is what separates the muggles from the magical Hogwarts Express. This train takes students of the wizarding world from Kings cross station to the school of wizardry. What you may not know is that platform 9 ¾ was added to King’s station by changing platforms 4 and 5 into 9 and 10. 

Whilst I wouldn’t recommend running into it this is certainly one of the 8 places in the UK every Harry Potter fan must visit.

Jaimee O’Connel at platform 9 ¾, 8 places in the UK every Harry Potter fan must visit

3. Reptile house anyone? 

If you’re in London a must visit location is the reptile house. This is where Dudley Dursley got what was coming to him, and we first got the hint that Harry was no mug

The reptile house was filmed for the movies and definitely worth checking out. 

And hey, being up and close with so many snakes you might even realise you can speak parseltongue too. 

4. Harry Potter Studio Tour, London

This is an award winning tour program that will allow you to explore around the movie sets, see some amazing props and learn about how the special effects teams brought magic to the world. You also get the experience of visiting the forbidden forest set which is home to some of the scariest scenes.

The place we think is the coolest is Gringotts wizarding bank run by the goblins. When in the bank you get a look at Helga Hufflepuff’s Cup (one of Voldemort’s Horcruxes) and the sword of Gryffindor, making it an exelect photo spot. 

The studio tour is without a doubt one of the 8 places in the UK every Harry Potter fan must visit.

5. Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, London 

If you are ever in the West End you definitely need to grab tickets to the award winning Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. In this story Harry, Ron and Herminone 19 years after saving the wizarding world are now teaming up with Hogwarts new students to help battle a new enemy shrouded in magic.

the Harry Potter theatre production, 8 places in the UK every Harry Potter fan must visit

6. School of London Escape Room

If you have 60mins to spare you might want to prevent the Dark Lord from getting the Philosopher’s Stone in order to achieve immortality. Come down to the London escape room with up to seven friends and tackle this unforgettable experience. 

This facility has been completely remodeled to provide an atmosphere befitting the wizarding world and suitable for the young and old wizards.

7. A trip to Oxford

Oxford is definitely one of the best places for a Potterhead to visit when in the UK. Being that Oxford is where many of the film locations were when shooting the wizarding school of Hogwarts. It can be fun to explore around the buildings and marvel at the construction befitting of the best school of magic. 

Oxford dinning hall

8. Art at House of MinaLima 

If you’re interested in the Harry Potter and or Fantastic Beasts graphic art and are in London make sure you visit the Art at House of MinaLima.

In the museum then you will be able to see some of the origin’s props and artworks like Harry’s acceptance letter, the Hogwarts express ticket.  For the Fantastic Beasts fans, you can have a look at Chadwick Boot’s textbook or the MACUSA shield design.

Just remember before you leave to grab yourself some limited edition movie art prints.

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