6 of the best December events around the globe

Best travel destination in December

Every wondered what events you’re missing out on over December? Well here are our favourite events over December across the globe!

1) New Years Eve, Thailand

While nothing special happens in Thailand for Christmas barring shopping centres and hotels decorating the venues and the occasional person been seen wearing a Christmas hat.

This is not to say December is a boring time to spend in Thailand though. If anything this is one of the best times to spend in Thailand, with the combination of public holidays giving everyone free time and the new year being a very special occasion Thailand always creates a massive spectacle.

2) Cavalcade of Lights, Canada

Visiting Canada over the month of December? why not visit the Cavalcade of lights, this celebration initiated in 1967 and was a majestic display of lights showing off Toronto’s city hall partnered with fireworks and ice-skating rings. This event has become a massive hit over December and now is a classic event. 

3) Pantos, UK

If you’re not from the UK then there’s a good chance that you’ve never heard of a pantomime. 

Well, the pantomime originated during Roman times and involved someones expressing meaning through gestures accomplished with music.

Now however pantomimes are a family originated theatre show, which have grown in popularity to become a must see over the festive season.

4) Christmas Parade, New Zealand

Need an excuse to visit New Zealand? Well if you are around over Christmas one of the best things to visit is the Santa Parade.

This parade is the biggest of its kind in the south island, and draws over 100,000 people to watch Santa and his helpers perform throughout the streets.

5) New Year‘s Eve Fireworks, Australia

One must see even the Sydney New year’s Eve fireworks. This firework show is like no other being given a 6.5 million dollar budget and viewership expected to reach over a billion people the event is sure to be a blast worthy of taking one of the 6 best December events around the globe. 

Sydney fireworks, one fo the  6 best sport to visit in December.

 6) Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, US

Now Disney world is a great place to visit anytime of the year. However spending Christmas or New Years Eve at Disney worked is something else. From the decor, the light shows and Christmas plays Disney will be the one stop destination for creating a magic Christmas and is defiantly one of the best places to visit.

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