What is the most British experience you can imagine? Singing along with 30,000 people at an English Premier League match? A picnic of tea and scones on a village green? Good suggestions, no doubt, but it’s hard to think of anything more British than pulling room-temperature pints at an old English pub. And with the help of Letz Live, this experience could be your British reality!

Home to the cobblestone streets, The Beatles, Stonehenge, and those corgi-mad royals, the UK is awash with history and charm. From the lazy, pebbled beaches of Brighton and the rolling hills of Yorkshire, to the throbbing metropolis of London, this little island is home to the sort of variety that you’d expect from a country ten times its size. What’s more, the whole of continental Europe is just a stone’s throw away.

Letz Live has partnered with over 500 pubs throughout the UK to offer paid live-in opportunities to keen travellers. Whether you feel the Scottish Isles calling your name, or would rather replenish the glasses of Manchester’s uni crowd, we’ve got the network to ensure you find the perfect pub to call home. Pre-departure, we’ll work with you closely to identify your skills, interests and ideal destination, and set you up with the venue that best ticks all boxes. No matter whether you’re more at home behind the bar, as a waiter, or preparing hearty British food as a cook or qualified chef, there’s a constant demand for motivated and hard-working help.

Single or twin share accommodation is included in all of Letz Live’s positions, and you can expect to earn between £250 and £325+ per week (before tax) for 39 – 45 hours’ work. Tips can add anywhere between £25 and £75 per week, and many of our pubs offer subsidised meals. With so many living costs taken care of, you can use your hard-earned on more important things, like travel!

But perhaps best of all, Letz Live offers you invaluable support and flexibility. Our London offices are always available for help, and after your initial four month placement comes to an end, you can either stay on at your new home, or head off on some travels and have our team tee up another pub stay for when you return!

Your adventure of a lifetime is just a phone call away. Contact Letz Live today, and get the wheels of your UK adventure in motion!






At Letz Live we know the value of flexibility when it comes to your overseas adventure. That’s why our pub stays have a minimum duration of just four months, allowing for travel at regular intervals throughout your UK stay. You’re also in control of when you leave your own country, and what day you start your programme. It’s totally up to you!
Once that initial four months has ticked over, you can choose to either stay on at your pub (at no additional cost), explore a different area of the UK by switching to a different pub, or take time off to do your all-important travel. Once you’re ready to return, simply contact Letz Live to start the process again!

Full time hours (39 – 45 on average) with a guaranteed 2 days off each week
Work is available 365 days of the year – no blackout periods
Gross earnings of £250 to £325+ per week
Earn tips on top of your wages – £25 to £75+ per week
Get the cheapest rent in the UK – around £5 per day!
Bills, laundry, kitchen, fully furnished rooms and WiFi included
No work related travel costs (you’ll likely be just upstairs!)
No bonds or security deposits to pay
Tax and National Insurance deductions (£40 – £50 per week on average)
Single or twin-share rooms (couples will have a double room to share, singles will likely have a roommate)
Meal/bar food discounts (usually around 50% off, sometimes free!)
Stay as long as you’d like (4 months minimum)
Opportunities for promotion and higher pay for those willing to commit
Meet like-minded travellers from around the world!

Letz Live’s UK Working Holiday Pub Program is AU$995 for the full placement, which includes a AU$99 application fee that is paid on registering your interest in the program. This application fee is to help cover the administrative fees involved in processing your application and publicising your interest to UK pub managers.
The remaining balance of AU$896 is finalised once you’re accepted onto the program.

So what do you get in return for this investment? This placement fee includes:

Full-time employment in a British pub confirmed before you even step foot in the country
No on-site application or interview required – you walk straight into a job
Ultra-affordable live-in accommodation provided by your employer (£35 per week on average)
No security deposit or bond required – board is simply deducted from your pay
No daily travel costs, as accommodation is on-site
A 5 day work week guaranteed, with 2 days off per week
Free or discounted pub meals
Basic visa application guidance
Assistance with all pre-departure arrangements (flights, travel insurance, hostel bookings)
A personalised arrival guide with all you need to know about life in the UK
Assistance with your NIN (National Insurance Number) application
Information about how to register with NHS health cover
Ongoing support from our London team
Discounts on future placements and relocations (conditions apply)

Must be aged between 18 and 30 at the time of arrival in the UK
Must be an Australian, Canadian, British, European or New Zealand passport holder OR have grandparents who were born in the UK
Must not have pre-existing medical conditions
Must not have a criminal record (evidence required)
Must have some form of experience in a job with regular face-to-face contact (not necessarily hospitality). Positivity, enthusiasm, and a willingness to learn are also vital!

For more thorough assistance with the visa application process, our very good friends at RESTLESS WORLD are ready to assist (for a small handling fee). Visit www.restlesssworld.com.au

For more information, download our comprehensive Program Information Document.



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